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ID 94007

Heissam Hartmann

Angel Investments ★ CEE & West EU Startup Consultant ★ New Market Development ★ Matchmaker ★ Enabler ★ Entertainment, Sports, Fashion Industry

ID 108757

Oleg Kozyrev


ID 9330

Dmitry Alimov


Founder @ivi-ru, @frontier-ventures • ex-Managing Partner at @ru-net-holdings • Investor @ostrovok, @eruditor-group @ivi-ru • Studied at @harvard-business-school

ID 108796

Alexey Kulichevskiy

Founder @oh-my-stats • Worked at @groupon, @ostrovok

ID 35735

Konstantin Popov

Founder @biart-company, @cappasity-inc

ID 55206

Igor Matsanyuk


Founder at IMI.VC and @farminers

ID 253925

Ruslan V (interested in Scala projects)


Scala, C++, Java, C#, server-side development, peer-to-peer networks. Back in 2005 I created Morpheus, the most popular p2p app in North America.

ID 161238

Igor Gonebnyy

CEO @loyal4-me, Strong International Business Development ( @wot-services-ltd @mail-ru-group , @kiosked)

ID 69851

Alexander Borodich


Investor, Founder of VentureClub, FutureLabs and @mywishboard. Serial entrepreneur. 2 startups w/exits. Strong business background (@acronis, @mail-ru-group). MBA 2008

ID 81116

Michael Geer

COO of Dream Industries - And a tech junkie/founder/advisor/mentor

ID 154732

Alexey Petrov

Founder, Chief Technology Officer at PENXY, Successful non-profit start-up raised, MIPT alumnus, IT-architect, skilled lead-developer.

ID 2206

Kirill Makharinsky


Cofounder/president at also invest in ambitious and focused entrepreneurs. Oxford graduate.

ID 151007

Djasur Djumaev


Founder @travolver

ID 328058

Anatoly Sharifulin

Founder Alerter • Worked at @ostrovok

ID 341592

Azamat F Kurbanov


Founder , @skypasser • Investor @kown-1, @skypasser • Studied at @bournemouth-university, @miami-dade-college

ID 22009

Murad Sofizade


co-founder & COO, YGL @WEF Davos, ex-board member,, co-founder & CEO, @ipnet-jsc •, Harvard MBA/MPA, worked at @procter-gamble-2

ID 100288

Stan Miroshnik


Energy. Financial Services. @university-of-california-berkeley. @MIT.

ID 73129

Vitaliy Akimov

CEO of @startuppoint. Russian startup community starter.

ID 68066

Kirill Sermyagin

Founder and CEO of Strong business background (from startups to multibillion tournover, IT and Ops, internet). BSc in Moscow State University

ID 629

Alexey Aylarov

CEO/Co-Founder of @voximplant

ID 114080

Yaroslav Markin

Founding CTO at @evil-martians, premier Russian agile web development shop. Founder at @amplifr and @oh-my-stats!/yaroslav

ID 20779

Andres Susi

CEO / co-founder Co-founder: @cherry-media (biggest Baltic @groupon) and @kurat-com. Partner at MTVP. 10 years experience in Moscow. Graduated MGIMO.

ID 144630

Leonid Shangin

Founder SailPlay • Worked at @mckinsey-company, @procter-gamble-2 • Studied at @lomonosov-moscow-state-university-1

ID 128686

Dmitry Amroyan

Founder of myWishBoard. Worked as Marketer & Product Developer more than 9 years (Acronis, TUI Travel); MS in Computer Science, Strong technical background

ID 113574

Roman Sidorenko


Founder @pure, @yep • Worked at @the-untitled-vc, @emc

ID 67878

Roman Karachinsky

Founder @news360 • Studied at @university-of-waterloo

ID 163382

Al Eisaian


Founder @integrien • Studied at @pepperdine-university, @oklahoma-state-university

ID 293283

Roman Kostochka

Founder @coursmos, @razmir. Entrepreneur.

ID 166324

Filip Perkon

Founder Alumnee • Worked at @bnp-paribas, @synergy-innovations-venture-fund • Studied at @london-school-of-economics

ID 124660

Denis Kondratovich

Founder of @maesens @socialweekend @goodwillion . Serial Entrepreneur. BizDev. Marketing. Management. Optimist.

ID 161153

Mikhail Paulkin


Founder @minutta, @rutube

ID 38749

Kirill Andreev


ID 49170

Dmitry Gorshkov

A driven, systematic product manager obsessed with good UX and small details. Currently: the product guy at @yam-labs. Previously: product co-founder at @task-ly

ID 288513

Skutin Alexey

Co-Founder&CEO of; Co-Founder @jelastic; Worked at RBC Soft; PhD of Technical Sciences

ID 25931

Alexander Polynov

Founded @wobot (first social media monitoring tool in Russia); winner, Facebook World Hack 2012

ID 188704

Stas Matviyenko

CEO - @advice-wallet, Geek, Startupper, Traveller

ID 154734

Pavel Aleynikov

Founder, CSO at PENXY, Teacher at MIPT, PhD Physics

ID 105811

Alex Bochkarev

Founder of LOOKSIMA. 3x entrepreneur. Positive thinker and awesome executor. Studied @harvard-business-school, @wharton-school

ID 79844

Yuri Petrov

Founded More Salonov in Russia. Rised strategic money. Now CEO at YCLIENTS.COM - online reservation platform for local service businesses.

ID 42812

Alex Zaretsky

CEO, co-founder at @travelata. Former McKinsey consultant. Ex-computer engineer. MBA from @new-york-university Stern, MSc EE from Technion, Israel

ID 79834

Anton Skornyakov

Founder & Advisor @workhub, Lean Innovation Consultant

ID 181114

Ilya Korolev


Entrepreneur. #Custdev & #leanstartup addicted.

ID 56148

Arthur Welf

Serial enterpreneur. Social media expert. Banking (Sberbank) and journalist (Kommersant) background.

ID 43983

Max Tolstokorov

Co-founder & CEO of @pinpoint. Master of Computer Science TTI SFEDU.

ID 306608

Tommy Karyukin

CEO of EDISON Software Development Centre. Engineering success: startup, dotcom, software devt

ID 145749

Grachik Ajamyan

Founder @Budist

ID 505349

Vladimir Dyakov

Founder pinbonus • Worked at @finam-global, @softkey-software • Studied at @startup-leadership-program-1

ID 272825

Gulnaz Khusainova

CEO & Co-Founder at EasySize IT & marketing specialist with start up background. Founded EasySize, YouReserve and The Time Machine companies

ID 82879

Nikita Korotaev

Hacker in Residence @glocal-partners, Co-founded @lectrio

ID 27322

Max Anisimov

Entrepreneur & Marketing Strategy Manager. 7yr in top CPG, Tech and Internet: @hp @sabmiller @yuptalk-ru @kodskidki-ru. @university-of-california-berkeley MBA.

ID 80077

Дмитрий Шестаков

Co-founder, CTO of @yclients, @moresalonov-ru

ID 192849

Alexey Strelkov

Works at @the-untitled-vc, acting as CTO of various portfolio startups.

ID 59826

Juho Risku


Serial entrepreneur, visionary business model expert, computer and web industry specialist with over two decades of relevant experience.

ID 305783

Stilian Shishkov

CEO of Sportal Media Group, Strong sports marketing background

ID 212988

Ivan Cherepukhin

CEO of Wonderwork. Founder of @round-2 and Manner & Matter label. Worked at Saatchi & Saatchi, RZLTT and Windfall Systems.

ID 54906

Alexander Batalov

Founder @antaray ,Sailor, Snowboarder, Surfer, Techie, Foodie...

ID 77166

Max Usubyan

Founder @admill, @campaigner • Worked at @discovery-communications, @wunderman, @rambler • Studied at @london-school-of-economics

ID 131255

Roman Nikitin

Geek, hacker and entrepreneur.

ID 163613

Maxim Rostotski

Founder & CEO @goodsmaster • Studied at @moscow-state-university-of-economics-statistics-and-information-sciences

ID 177874

Valentin Dombrovsky

6 years experience in internet-marketing. In 2011 founded @travelatus, in 2013 sold it to @excursiopedia and joined the team as VP Innovations.

ID 72365

Roman (Rafael) Gold

Editor-in-Chief @ "IT Business Week (International Edition)", Co-Founder & CIO @ "Jerusalem Startup Hub", Founder & CEO @ "@jewishnet-jewish-social-platform"

ID 6314

Vladislav Korobov

Founder @live-graffiti, @live-typing which create mobile and social applications (it consulting)

ID 102431

Петр Чаянов

Co-founder of @frebree-net, private cloud file platform. 15+ years in IT, managed/founded 10+ web/IT projects. CS Bachelor '00. Currently CEO of [email protected]

ID 50647

Sergei V. Kuzmin

Co-Founder/CEO Commmeta. Business development background in new media (Comcast, NBCU, Bazelevs). Raised >$5M for IT/media start-ups in '10. @university-of-california-los-angeles Anderson MBA.

ID 126796

Николай Никитин

Founder Leadhit, @wizard-brothers, @the-last-cast-banner-lcb

ID 153086

Leonid Eletskikh

BD @app-annie, Founder of @lovey, @softlation; Studied at University of Michigan, @stanford-university, VSU; M.P.A. degree.

ID 429784

Max Azarov

Founder of Cloudike Inc., formerly PM at @google, MBA from University of Massachusetts, Amherst

ID 67849

Roman Malakhov

CEO, founder of bombsquare. Founder of ZOOM, ZOOM TV. 14 years in IT and over 200 projects participated.

ID 82021


Founder @fanada-ru

ID 61537

Dmitriy Maslennikov

I'm a serial entrepreneur, digital technologies expert, an evangelist for cutting-edge Lean Startup & Customer Development methodologies, a start-up mentor and an independent business consultant.

ID 90197

Anton Pronkin

I am an entrepreneur from age of 14. Before working on @kula-1, I founded and successfully sold a chain of toy stores with gross revenue of $1 million.

ID 67949

Valentin Preobrazhenskiy

CEO at Avega Capital. Co-founder of FundNAV, Votepoller. Worked at CERA and Marquard Spectrum.

ID 211720

Nate Gadgibalaev

CEO of @amplifr, the productivity suite for musicians, business development geek at @evil-martians, Rails shop in Moscow, Russia.

ID 76479

Denis Blinov

Founder & CEO @gipis, ex @webprofiters (sold) • Worked at @parallels • Studied at @mipt

ID 110577

Constantine Ivanov


Founder @3dprintus-ru, @inspiration-creative-agency • Worked at @crowdsynergy, @lebrand-creative-russia • Investor @inspiration-creative-agency, @umka

ID 158146

Ilya Kupriyanov

Co-founder @ @doctoratwork-com, 9 years in sales, marketing, business and product development. MIRBIS MBA Strategy Management 2008

ID 86259

Ilya Oskolkov-Tsentsiper


VP at Russian 4G network @yota. Founder at @winter, London design consultancy. Founder at @strelka-institute in Moscow

ID 91947

Maili Porh

Founder Instabeauty , Instaflora • Worked at @tbwa-tequila • Studied at @estonian-business-school

ID 80073

Arkadiy Meshkovskiy

CEO&Founder at @rentmania • Strong background in sales&marketing and BD. Worked at @hearst-corporation, @startuppoint @starta-capital

ID 208399

Valentin Butyugin


Investor, Mentor, Advisor

ID 76497

Maxim Matveyko

General Manager at Farminers Startup Academy

ID 175337

Vitaliy Korobkin

Software architect/Product Manager/Hacker. CTO & Co - founder at @travelatus and @sevenquark

ID 120291

Andrey Ustyugov


Founder @boostmate-2, @cofoundit • Investment Director at @imi-vc

ID 411729

Anastasia Zotova

Co-founder of @bitclass • Worked at @mckinsey-company • Studied at LSE and @harvard-business-school (MBA 2009).

ID 285671

Alexandr Mikhaylenko

CBDO of Jeapie. Master's degree in CS and Math. Experienced entrepreneur (founded several IT projects)

ID 517229

Vera Kozyr

Founder of @helpmenow, @notanotherone, @gero • Worked at @motorola, @yota

ID 244959

Alexander Gorelik

Founded, Past: Head of Product at, Head of division at JSC NIIAS

ID 127142

Alexey Karlov


CEO at @angel-relations-group Business Coach at @gva-launchgurus

ID 68276

Michael Pakhomov

Founded @shoes-a-porter-ru, helped to improve merchandising @

ID 342179

Dennis Trukhin

Founder and CTO of @major-aide and @feel-geekish. Developer. PHP, JavaScript, NodeJS, SQL, NoSQL, HTML. Graduated @lomonosov-moscow-state-university-1 .

ID 68693

Maria Podolyak

CMO and founder at Licensario

ID 239807

Daniel Berezner

I am Very goal oriented, extremely motivated and not a quitter. I am known to be a risk taker. life is short and you should live it , rather than simply exist.

ID 288480

Dmitriy Borzenkov

CEO of Jeapie. Strong networking skills, business experience, presentations, evangelism

ID 135352

Pavel Guzhikov

Founder of Round Lake, Deviants, partner at Hint Solutions. Making people happy. Strong business/product management background both in modern web and corporate.

ID 663162

Denis Alaev

Experienced Product Manager. Worked at Mail.Ru, AlterGeo.

ID 302309

Atai Konushaliev

Founder @octobertech-1, @miki-1 . Serial tech entrepreneur, web developer. I want to make people's lives around the world much better using tech.

ID 247978

Alex Motrenko


Helped build RU team for Qik, now heading Skype Russia.

ID 109724

Sergey Martynov

Head of Mail.Ru Email Service. Specialist in technology and online business. Advisor to a number of startups.

ID 67298

Jerrol Spier

Recruiting Sports & Gaming Leaders.

ID 119490

Alexey Krekhalev

The founder

ID 468050


Co-Founder of @oomph-labs-limited. Strong business background (@skadden-arps-slate-meagher-flom-llp and @debevoise-plimpton-llp). • @oxford-university graduate.

ID 363375

Vasily Gatov

Head of RIA Novosti MediaLab

ID 157145

Daniel Shaposhnikov

Founder & CEO @awear-me, Creator & Advisor @i-ogorod • Studied at @state-university-higher-school-of-economics

ID 409978

Ainar Abdrahmanov

Founder Online University for Parents

ID 517266

Igor Mikhnenko

Founder HelpMeNow, @gero • Worked at @yota as Creative Director

ID 282663

Oleg Demidov

Business Development Director of Navigine and Opiner. PhD in Physics and Math at Lomonosov MSU. Strong background in business consulting, IT and public sector.

ID 100331

Valentin Kalinin

@kloudpics Cofounder

ID 422068

Dmitry Gaiduk

Founder @cooltool-com • Worked at @umg-research-international, @comcon-ukraine • Studied at @national-technical-university-of-ukraine

ID 115756

Pavel Pravdin

Internet, Social, Mobile entrepreneurship & mentoring

ID 158199

Alexey Vorobiev

Founder & CEO of Usalytics. Previously bootstrapped @itima_ru, Russian outsourcing development company.

ID 202787

Dmitry Gordeev

Entrepreneur, product and business developer. Have 5+ years of project and product management experience. Strong sales and negotiator.

ID 382955

Sergey Bushmanov

Founder and CEO of Vnovation Electronics • Worked at @citigroup, @allianz Founder&CEO of StoneHedge Finance Group (Suisse), 5st startup run. Business Developer.

ID 164886

Alexander Zhurba

Experience, strong top-level networking and investments for high-tech companies (from seed to growth)

ID 350224

Benjamin George Griffin

Project Manager set on making a Non-Hierarchical Radio Network. Built first FM station at 23. Proven on AUD1.1M projects, exp in AUD500M Company.

ID 26687

Dmitry Nozhnin

Founded Dusk Rift - a game about real world. 15 years in games: publishing, product management, analytics & monetization. MBA. A lifelong learner.

ID 454814

Sergey Ryabenko

Passionate and experienced backend, frontend and Android developer. Team leader, DevOps, scrum master. Founder @smartmeal • Worked at @lingualeo

ID 191748

Alexander Oskin

Serial entrepreneur • Founder @hello-russia-company, @hello-russia-group, @intergroup-inc • Worked @subway-1

ID 238164

Rico zu Knyphausen

Founder @elastic-io • Worked at @dhl, @dr-heuser-ag • Studied at @university-of-passau, @university-st-gallen

ID 413990

Mikhail Kotlov

Founder @camopulse • Worked at @societe-generale, @vtb-capital • Studied at @london-school-of-economics, @national-research-university-higher-school-of-economics

ID 276476

Nikita Gorchakov

Bootstrapped itBoat • Studied at MSU • Worked at Forbes Russia • Over 15 years of experience in web building and yacht business • First million at 25

ID 632843

Dmitry Slivin

Founder @panolynx. Founded and exited 1 company in Russia. Marketing and sales, UI/UX design, basic programming skills.

ID 169035

Jeni Mayorskaya

Founder&CEO of Mnemonic, mobile microtasking laborforce. Worked as Product Director and COO at @dream-industries, product strategy for @yota.

ID 193395

Anna Lan

ViewHue Founder. Community Building Expert. Master of Business Informatics, E-Business specialisation.

ID 332174

Anton Herasymenko

Founder, CEO & Designer at @readymag. Previously founded a design studio SILA and worked as a lead designer at Art.Lebedev Studio.

ID 20596

Pavels Romanovskis

FMCG, Retail, Procurement / Marketing executive, father of 5, lives in Riga, Latvia

ID 95681

Alexey Kinyov

CEO at Gorodok. MIPT Master's degree. Strong engineering and team management background. Building tech company in Russia.

ID 129757

Michael Korneev

I'm business owner and top qualified programmer.20 years I developed custom software for various companies/people,sometime alone, sometime as team chief.

ID 183766

Andrey Bulachev

Founder @venturezlab • Studied at @moscow-state-institute-of-electronics-and-mathematics

ID 264753

Dmitry Shilyaev

Co-Founder of @justhost-ru, 4 years of entrepreneurship. Lead Dev @quest-software, @mks Instruments (project for DARPA). 10 years in Software Dev.

ID 137841

Sergey Nikitin

@labbler Founder and CEO, Strong software development, teleco and business background. Software development Degree, MBA degree.

ID 127173

Sergei S.


Investor @the-last-cast-banner-lcb

ID 99538

Leonid Eliseev


ID 158195

Stanislav Sazhin


Founder @doctoratwork-com, GetBetter! • Studied at @moscow-state-institute-of-international-relations

ID 198132

Max Pokalyuk

Founder @clapp • Worked at @kpmg, @european-bank-for-reconstruction-and-development • Studied at @plekhanov-russian-academy-of-economics, @middlesex-university

ID 354179

Vitaliy Shopov

Founder UnitySales

ID 436895

Danil Perushev

Founder @, @theory-and-practice, @boldkit • Worked as COO at @dream-industries • Studied at @lomonosov-moscow-state-university-1

ID 317955

Vladimir V. Tuporshin

Founder @Shop-Script, Co-founder @webasyst, founder @PocketLists, Founder @1312, Founder @yesterdayme. Designer, developer, system architect, PhD.

ID 129323

Dmitry Linkov

Experienced Business Executive

ID 240007

Scott R. Schreiman

CEO of Kerio Technologies

ID 118465

Sergey Moliavko

Founder of @dressup-ua and @mylabel.

ID 416228

Anton Anufriev

Ten years of experience in PE and VC in Eastern Europe with focuse on Internet projects. Recent investments: Expopromoter, Ticketforevent. Master of Economics

ID 526955

Sergey Budnik

Founder @tecleor • Studied at @mipt, MBA

ID 101333

Alexey Sheremetyev

Founded, UI/UX and web design 10+ years

ID 219999

Philip Etingen

founder @imustbethere. The magic chemical to make things working. Rocked at @syngenta-international-ag, @procter-gamble-2, @gillette

ID 415064

Olga Makarova

Founder Catch 22 • Worked at @unilever • Studied at @state-university-higher-school-of-economics

ID 197685

Mikhail Trofimov

Founder of • Worked at @nebo, @team-rocket-science • Studied at @kazan-state-university University

ID 305157

Yegor Ivantsov

Chief Marketing and Finance Officer in Cyber Gifts, founded, work as project manager in JCDecaux subsidiary, MSU Master in innovation management

ID 509121

Vincent Stark

Entrepreneur, engineer, with strong and diverse technology background.

ID 174023

Michael Greene

Studied at @stockholm-school-of-economics

ID 180322

Dmitriy Gorkov

Founder and CIO of @cashoff . Strong business background, MBA, excellent experience and knowledges in e-banking systems development.

ID 462905

Denis Golomazov

PhD in Computer Science. Researcher at Moscow State University. Web developer in Django. Main developer of ISTINA in MSU.

ID 411927

Sergey Averin, Ph.D.

entrepreneur, investor, educator

ID 38734

Liya Volova

CEO at Aktiv Educational Center (e-learning). Marketing Director at AGRO-3. Chief editor at publishing house (training and methodical materials). PhD.Journalist

ID 477278

Irina Mishalov

Founder Developed EB5 Foreign Investor Consulting Firm. Hungry & Driven Entrepreneur. Business & Marketing Consultant • Studied at @depaul-university

ID 139148

Anton Sulsky

Founder @sitesupra, @vide-infra-group

ID 309200

Anton Baranchuk

CEO and Co-founder of @altergeo (Gvidi). PhD in Physics and Mathematics. Founder and CEO of successful IT companies.

ID 158851

Alexandr Noskov

Founder @filiorum

ID 99852

Alexey Gadalin

Founder @kloudpics, worked at

ID 242386

Eugenia Matveyeva

Co-Founder of MovieTrends.Net and

ID 20675

Sergio Smirnov

@seamayor-com Founder, born in Moscow, HSE Moscow MBA. Co-founder of the Smart Solutions Creative bureau, partner of the Ratio Scripta Consulting company.

ID 330307

Artem Grachev

Founder Everyads • Worked at @mail-ru-group, @game-insight

ID 305764

Alexander Solovyev

CEO and founder of Cyber Gifts (all digital gifts in one place). Worked at @news corp., work at @jcdecaux subsidiary. 2 degrees: marketing and law

ID 180770

Phil Drobyshev

Founder @getsy. Studies: University of Savoy (Fr), IPAC (Fr), Ifalpes (Fr). Worked at Euronegoce (Fr), Concept Event (Fr), Rive Gauche (Ru), DDH (Ru) etc..

ID 15728

Alexander Dmitrenko Marchenkoff


Founder @the7studios-spain • Investor @the7studios-spain • Studied at @russian-state-university-of-people-s-friendship

ID 119540

Yaroslav Nazarov

Founder @monosnap • Studied at @bauman-moscow-state-technical-university

ID 409979

Ruslan Almakaev

Entrepreneur, investor with substantial executive management experience

ID 280689


ID 151949

Pavel Rebrov

Founder @netmind-social-media, @vidimax, @buzzware • Worked at @cisco-systems-deleted-deleted, @cti-communications-technology-innovations

ID 421922

Vladimir Andreychuk

entrepreneur, investor, advisor

ID 196393

Nikita Krasnov

CBO Made carier at Raiffeisenbank, Societe Generale. Studied in HS Pforzheim, University of Finance Ministry (Russia)

ID 436922

Andrew Zaitsev-Zotov

Co-founder @boldkit, Co-founded @bookmate '09, CTO @lookatme, R&D @mail-ru-group '01-'05, strong technology background

ID 485392

Gatis Tropiks

Founder of Eworks, SVAA & Twauction • Worked at @pay4results @mailigen @shoppingplus

ID 38691

Sergey Pozharnenkov

Participated in several sturt-ups. Worked in Kaspersky Lab as Infowatch CTO (former subsidiary). Co-author of IW products concept and connected patent

ID 317366

Ruslan Vorobyev

Founder of Worked in Advertising and Business Consulting across several countries. Eng. Diploma with Excellence (Bauman TU), Humboldt Uni Berlin

ID 188052

Lisa Oreshkina

Founder of Channelkit, IZTP and Designthe.INFO. Also founder and information designer at Infodesk. Information architect of Masterskaya post-grad design course.

ID 217974

Dmitriy Gudovskiy


ID 277747

Sergey Asafov

ID 489033

Wagan Sarukhanov

Hightech Creator, CEO Flexlab Ltd. We invented the notebook with size of a USB flash drive. µPC™ is the most protected personal computer in the world.

ID 347266

Anton Velikanov

Founded Sand Sign, Strong technology background (Moscow Engineering Physics University), Co-Founder and CTO at PropHop.

ID 248376

Sergey Shaporov

Founder @mageo • Studied at @moscow-state-institute-of-electronics-and-mathematics. More than 10 years in software development, took part in 3 startup projects.

ID 313425

Alexander Axyaitov

Founder ParLand

ID 470193

Evgeny Zdorov

Creation and development of consumer community. Marketing high-tech products. Risk management in high-tech, high-risk endeavors.

ID 387901

Anna Kotova

ID 441189

Alexandr Korovin

Worked at @yandex, @rambler • Studied at @the-british-higher-school-of-art-and-design-art-direction

ID 119382

Alexander Trakhimenok

Founder at Petamatic Ltd - a company behind and projects.

ID 522469

Prasanth S Devan

Founder @hike-international, @mmt-china

ID 324274

Dmitry Kabanov

A web/music geek that's into web broadcasting, content strategy, startup packaging and seed accelerators. Plus I curate Moscow @startupdigest and @StartupGenome

ID 371966

Artem Slizhik


ID 415069


Founder Pupakiotti

ID 520080

Konstanin Skoblik

Founder @baskona

ID 471759

Alexander Souglobov

CEO at LITTLE retail online store. Kids designers and fashion brands.

ID 257892

Mark Zubovsky

Co-Founder Bombermine. IT-Entrepreneur, Coder (Frontend/Backend), UI/UX, Peopleware.

ID 185263

Leonid Konovalov

Founder & CEO of Slotberry. Founder of Bonus company, one of the leaders in offline-gambling market Russia/CIS till the ban of Land-based gambling in Russia

ID 338036

Vyacheslav Nikitin

CEO of Clinics Online. 2 thematic projects background.

ID 444249

Maria Hahn

ID 321194

Artemey Melnikov

Founder "Lemur" Take Away Coffee Bar

ID 437566

Evgeniy Borisov

Founder of WIDJER.

ID 389808

Albert Yaraliev

Founder of Extra App, a second screen app for sport lovers. 7+ years of bizdev experience and team leadership

ID 315984

Anton Nefedov

Founder/CEO Afterlogic Corp.,

ID 3509

Eugene Bogorad

ID 277311

Mansur Kuchkarov

CEO @sistematika-it • Ideologist & Project Executor

ID 300961

Nikita Yampolski

Co-founder at unadox and New Clear Radio. Posesses decades of technical experience in international IT, Software, Telecom, Internet and Sales assignments.

ID 71099

Alex Random

Founder of @wobot.

ID 36989

Bartosz Kalinowski

ID 281640

Olga Suvorova


Founder and CEO at leading russian jewelry ecommerce.

ID 132900

Levy Raiz


Business development at ARMiS, entrepreneur. Master's in Business. Israeli Government Fellow. Worked at Israeli Ministry of Trade and Industry, IDF

ID 280602

Sergey Petrov

Founder and CPO of What Matters; Worked at Yandex, Mail.Ru Group; Founder of inTaxi.

ID 229637

Lev Kangin

Co-Founder & CEO @admify • Worked at @marc-ecko-enterprises, @iptp-networks

ID 126506

Dmitry Zaryuta

Founder & CEO of easy ten. Using my Medical Psycology skills for building a world-leading educational apps.

ID 176356

Michael Yang

CEO / Co-founder at YouComedy.Me

ID 263326

Alexey Zakhlestin

Founder Strong technical background. Contributor to various Open-source projects

ID 265235

Oleg Botvenko

ID 134660

Sergei Mishin

Founder and CEO at Gruppa99. M&A lawyer with passion for outdoors.

ID 676916

Dmitry Losev

Founder and developer Compass. Worked at Imagine Investment Company, Absolute Investment Group, HSG Zander GmbH, Blackwood Real Estate.

ID 223104

Stas Gorbunov

CEO of FuzzMe; [email protected]; [email protected]

ID 177802

Viacheslav Kosilov


ID 56931

Pavel Shadrin

Worked at @gazprom, @vtb-capital

ID 214040

Denis Gorokhov

Founder Motifin • Worked at @groupon

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