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ID 594526

Vasily Dubinin

MA in management. Self-taught developer.

ID 666508

Anton Degtyarev

Professional in IP network operations and development; software engineer; experience in sales/pre-sales

ID 175736

Ivan Blinkov

Expert on highload internet projects

ID 651525

Nadezhda Sterlikova

My work experience is more then 12 years, in such companies as: BMW, MTS, MANN+HUMMEL, Amway.

ID 448052

Nastya Monastyrskaya

Editor at @glorypets • Studied at @taras-shevchenko-national-university-of-kyiv

ID 676923

Александр Фоменко

RC pilot and studying private pilot. Aerial shooting. Drones are my passion. Own a photo studio. Love to work and travel.

ID 174023

Michael Greene

Studied at @stockholm-school-of-economics

ID 443510

Anton Seledets

ID 615698

Sergey Beskhlebnov

Cambridge U MBA,management consulting and IT blue chip experience

ID 442871

Anna Znamenskaya

Digital Sales and Marketing executive. Co-Founded 3 startups from napkin to revenues. Strong business development skills.

ID 449662

Oleg Borisov


Technical lead for E-commerce global solution

ID 35735

Konstantin Popov

Founder @biart-company, @cappasity-inc

ID 36989

Bartosz Kalinowski

ID 202787

Dmitry Gordeev

Entrepreneur, product and business developer. Have 5+ years of project and product management experience. Strong sales and negotiator.

ID 102157

Todd Nalven

Director at Chiron, affiliate of $100m fund. In Moscow since '95. Invest in and advise startups & growth. @cornell-university MBA & St Lawrence Univ.

ID 517229

Vera Kozyr

Founder of @helpmenow, @notanotherone, @gero • Worked at @motorola, @yota

ID 555647

Oleksiy Soba Torres

Founder Speak2Me., @touchme-media-service • Worked at @mail-ru-group, @lactalis • Studied at @simferopol-state-university

ID 663162

Denis Alaev

Experienced Product Manager. Worked at Mail.Ru, AlterGeo.

ID 68066

Kirill Sermyagin

Founder and CEO of Strong business background (from startups to multibillion tournover, IT and Ops, internet). BSc in Moscow State University

ID 465676

Pavel Tsarevskiy

Cambridge MBA, professional manager with significant experience in business and technology

ID 91160

Sergey Toporov


Worked at @leta-capital • Investor @displair

ID 644357

Tatiana Belikova

Digital Video Distribution and Marketing

ID 25931

Alexander Polynov

Founded @wobot (first social media monitoring tool in Russia); winner, Facebook World Hack 2012

ID 239807

Daniel Berezner

I am Very goal oriented, extremely motivated and not a quitter. I am known to be a risk taker. life is short and you should live it , rather than simply exist.

ID 181799

Michael Kozloff

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