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ID 163514

Denis Shafranik


Active VC investor via @ermak-group; @supremum-capital • Studied at @insead-1, @london-school-of-economics

ID 16619

Dmitry Dakhnovsky


Entrepreneur turned Consultant turned VC @StereoCapital. Founded, @rollapp-1. Ran bizdev Went to @singularity-university-1 and CMU

ID 22009

Murad Sofizade


co-founder & COO, YGL @WEF Davos, ex-board member,, co-founder & CEO, @ipnet-jsc •, Harvard MBA/MPA, worked at @procter-gamble-2

ID 118469

Serge Faguet


ID 150602

Angelica Morse


Founder @idm-venture-capital

ID 460414

Alexander Pavlov


Worked at @eli-lilly, @tnk-bp • Investor @realcrowd, @kown-1 • Studied at @washington-university-in-saint-louis, @heriot-watt-university

ID 68840

Alexander Elenskiy


Investor @genomera @retrofit @ringadoc @seedcamp @teledoctor @medevo @voximplant

ID 35735

Konstantin Popov

Founder @biart-company, @cappasity-inc

ID 873

Oleg Tscheltzoff


Founder and CEO at Fotolia, Investor at BeyondTheRack, UpNext,, songpop, @mindsnacks...

ID 100288

Stan Miroshnik


Energy. Financial Services. @university-of-california-berkeley. @MIT.

ID 9330

Dmitry Alimov


Founder @ivi-ru, @frontier-ventures • ex-Managing Partner at @ru-net-holdings • Investor @ostrovok, @eruditor-group @ivi-ru • Studied at @harvard-business-school

ID 2206

Kirill Makharinsky


Cofounder/president at also invest in ambitious and focused entrepreneurs. Oxford graduate.

ID 172912

Inessa Obenhuber


Inessa Obenhuber is an Angel Investor, partner at Seraph Group, an Ambassador for the Media Institute for Social Change at the USC Cinematic School.

ID 149292

Valery Komissarova


Business Development Director @grishin-robotics

ID 62062

Pavel Cherkashin


GP at Vestor.In Partners. Former Adobe and Microsoft exec, founded Actis (sold to Wunderman), AdWatch (sold to AEGIS/Isobar), Sputnik Labs (sold to Technoserv)

ID 38454

Linda Dannenberg


Investor in @groupon, @playhaven, Pulse (alphonso Labs), @yume, @angieslist, @kaufda-de, @myfab-com, @experteer, Friendbuy, @xango, @9flats, @sapato, @fastlane, @teamo...

ID 13430

Wouter Gort


ID 135726

Dmitry Falkovich


Founder @Phenomen Ventures. Investor @virool , @fab, @onetwotrip-1, @hailo, @mail-ru-group & others

ID 40224

TMT Investments


Our team consists of entrepreneurs and business professionals who’s strategic outlook and global expertise may help innovators create market leading projects.

ID 164371

Dmitry Grishin


Founder of @grishin-robotics

ID 2820

Edward Shenderovich


Managing Director at Kite Ventures

ID 239876

Valery Nikitin

Founder Yaklass

ID 183305

David and Daniil Liberman


Co-CEOs and Founders at Fastoon. Co-Founded @kanobu-network (sold to @rambler). Investors at @coub, @knotch,, @epoxy-tv, XPANSE, @plaxd, Patrn.

ID 94952

Sergey Kalachev

Hacker @kown-1 & Angie, Alum Eleven & Seedcamp, Lead dev @zingl (PhD Nuclear Science), +14years experience in developing high-load systems.

ID 160241

Alexander Kirov

Mobile UI/UX/IxD Designer at Mail.Ru (top 4 email service worldwide). An expert in mobile apps/web, digital media and interfaces.

ID 83550

bernie sucher


ID 139556

Constantine Filin


The bridge between engineering and business

ID 184199

Andrej Rusakov


ID 108757

Oleg Kozyrev


ID 62502

Valery Senko


Investment Director at Onexim Group

ID 63708

Alexander Lazarev


Managing Partner @maxfield-capital-1, MBA @london-business-school School

ID 69851

Alexander Borodich


Investor, Founder of VentureClub, FutureLabs and @mywishboard. Serial entrepreneur. 2 startups w/exits. Strong business background (@acronis, @mail-ru-group). MBA 2008

ID 94007

Heissam Hartmann

Angel Investments ★ CEE & West EU Startup Consultant ★ New Market Development ★ Matchmaker ★ Enabler ★ Entertainment, Sports, Fashion Industry

ID 62874

Alexander Valencia

CSO at @kuznech

ID 161238

Igor Gonebnyy

CEO @loyal4-me, Strong International Business Development ( @wot-services-ltd @mail-ru-group , @kiosked)

ID 302947

Петя Жуков (Petr Zhukov)


Worked for global investment banks (UBS and CS) in 2003-2011. Founded a Russian mid-market PE firm (Indigo Capital Partners) in 2011. Also became angel investor and co-founded an angel's club, Endemic Capital.

ID 81116

Michael Geer

COO of Dream Industries - And a tech junkie/founder/advisor/mentor

ID 629

Alexey Aylarov

CEO/Co-Founder of @voximplant

ID 186264

Ilja Eisen

Founder & Social Maven @flocktory . Former top management consultant @booz-company with experience in US, Russia and Europe

ID 71434

Andrei Joosten


CEO & Managing Partner at Lincoln international CIS & Russia

ID 42374

Mark Sanor


MD at Chiron, affiliate of $100m fund. Ex-Ptnr at EY in Moscow 98-04. Invest in and advise startups. U of Mich Law, Denison

ID 151007

Djasur Djumaev


Founder @travolver

ID 44438

Ivan Annikov

Product designer with entrepreneurial spirit, proven leadership abilities and thorough understanding of marketing fundamentals.

ID 108796

Alexey Kulichevskiy

Founder @oh-my-stats • Worked at @groupon, @ostrovok

ID 238912

Ilya Rudometov

Now: iOS Dev @healbe ; Previous Lead Mobile @Angie, Lead iOS @mail.Ru Group, created multiple mobile iOS apps

ID 198714

Batiy Ilia

Team Lead of Extranet development team at Applied Math bachelor degree. Kick-ass full stack developer.

ID 246537

Evgeny Seleznev

Product designer

ID 445243

Neil Bryant

Founder SayPublic • Worked at @badoo • Studied at @university-of-east-anglia-norwich

ID 328058

Anatoly Sharifulin

Founder Alerter • Worked at @ostrovok

ID 103455

Erik Kahlin


ID 5051

Arkady Moreynis


CEO of Glavstart, Russian startup accelerator. Arkady founded in 1997, sold it to Rambler, worked as a Chief Product Officer in Rambler

ID 73129

Vitaliy Akimov

CEO of @startuppoint. Russian startup community starter.

ID 471727

Alexei Tuknov


Major in math and software engineering. Over 5 years experience in private equity & venture capital.

ID 253925

Ruslan V (interested in Scala projects)


Scala, C++, Java, C#, server-side development, peer-to-peer networks. Back in 2005 I created Morpheus, the most popular p2p app in North America.

ID 127617

Marat Dyatko

Devigner or Deseloper. Worked at @nokia, @ostrovok, @yandex, @livejournal, Qiwi.

ID 266665

Elena Prokopova

raise the conversion

ID 304109

Manana Samuseva



ID 268277

Svyatoslav Dorofeev

CEO of - First smart online travel meta-search startup on Russian market. Worket at,, Innova Systems.

ID 190319

Boris Egorov

Seasoned Sales Engineer who still remembers how to write production code and do it well using node.js

ID 55206

Igor Matsanyuk


Founder at IMI.VC and @farminers

ID 126992

Sergei Surovtsev

Founder IN, @shopster • Worked at @ostrovok • Studied at @moscow-aviation-institute

ID 396306

Maxfield Capital


Maxfield Capital is a venture capital fund focused on early stage and seed investments in IT and Internet.

ID 68779

Anatoly Gaverdovskiy


Team member of @yam-labs.

ID 181799

Michael Kozloff

ID 86053

Alexey Girin



ID 58120

Antti Ylimutka

Captain of Startup Sauna 2012. Wingman since 2011.

ID 341592

Azamat F Kurbanov


Founder , @skypasser • Investor @kown-1, @skypasser • Studied at @bournemouth-university, @miami-dade-college

ID 96992

Viacheslav Semenchuk


Angel investor, Startup-Surgeon, Creator

ID 188704

Stas Matviyenko

CEO - @advice-wallet, Geek, Startupper, Traveller

ID 382205

Andrey Alekseenko


Experienced executive

ID 68066

Kirill Sermyagin

Founder and CEO of Strong business background (from startups to multibillion tournover, IT and Ops, internet). BSc in Moscow State University

ID 154732

Alexey Petrov

Founder, Chief Technology Officer at PENXY, Successful non-profit start-up raised, MIPT alumnus, IT-architect, skilled lead-developer.

ID 168146

Elena Masolova


Founder @darberry-ru (sold to @groupon), @addventure • Investor @pixonic, @altergeo, @insales

ID 261472

Ilya Belyaev


Founder @supremum-capital • Worked at @barclays-capital • Studied at @lomonosov-moscow-state-university-1

ID 386625

Stanislav Martyushev


Investor relations evangelist, Entrepreneur at an early stage :)

ID 20779

Andres Susi

CEO / co-founder Co-founder: @cherry-media (biggest Baltic @groupon) and @kurat-com. Partner at MTVP. 10 years experience in Moscow. Graduated MGIMO.

ID 41066

Raman Shalupau

Web engineering.

ID 154734

Pavel Aleynikov

Founder, CSO at PENXY, Teacher at MIPT, PhD Physics

ID 458526

Alex Bashinsky

Co-founder @picreel-2. Founder of Redcodex.

ID 383658

Sergey Bystrov

Founder @lalalama • Worked at @medlinesoft, @diasoft • Studied at @bauman-moscow-state-technical-university

ID 461728

Dmitry Orlov

Founder of Strategy Store, author of PAMM accounts project in Alpari, MyInvest (copy trading) and other projects in various fields. 17 years in IT.

ID 161153

Mikhail Paulkin


Founder @minutta, @rutube

ID 16669

Oleg Podsechin

Founder StartHQ. I also do due diligence for investors.

ID 293283

Roman Kostochka

Founder @coursmos, @razmir. Entrepreneur.

ID 553309

Alexander Kozlov

COO of @subject-ly; social technology and internet of things fan. Been a blogger, switched to creating things, conquering the world

ID 281452

Vadim Tarasov


One of the co-founders of BMAT ( ), now shareholder, work @bright Capital , Media3, Keen Mind Ventures, Venture Partner @ Target Ventures

ID 124660

Denis Kondratovich

Founder of @maesens @socialweekend @goodwillion . Serial Entrepreneur. BizDev. Marketing. Management. Optimist.

ID 105811

Alex Bochkarev

Founder of LOOKSIMA. 3x entrepreneur. Positive thinker and awesome executor. Studied @harvard-business-school, @wharton-school

ID 151424

Maria Adamian


Transitioning from one of the "F"s to Angel investor. Producer of TechCrunch Moscow and co-director of Founder Institute in Moscow.

ID 49017

Alexander Abolmasov


Partner at NRG Private Equity fund ($300m Aum). @facecontact (Seedcamp finalist). Won Best Young Siberian Coder reward during university years.

ID 126831

Dmitry Ufaev


Founder @lucky-ventures-lucky-vc • Partner at @synergy-innovations-venture-fund • Investor and Entrepreneur.

ID 163382

Al Eisaian


Founder @integrien • Studied at @pepperdine-university, @oklahoma-state-university

ID 323626

John Quinn


Moscow based VC and Angel. Former tech i-banker (CS), managed a $200m PE fund, focused on enterprise software. WFU Econ/Russian studies dbl major 1995.

ID 248446

Alex Kulakov

Co-founded Worked as UI designer at CFT, Usethics.

ID 288513

Skutin Alexey

Co-Founder&CEO of; Co-Founder @jelastic; Worked at RBC Soft; PhD of Technical Sciences

ID 67878

Roman Karachinsky

Founder @news360 • Studied at @university-of-waterloo

ID 259475

Kirill Chekanov

Founder & CEO Chill, Hippflow 18 year old entrepreneur. Started first business at 14

ID 461493

Daria Timoshchuk

6 years at Cyprus and UK financial service companies: back office, dealing, compliance, operations management. Setting up a broker. CySEC and FCA certificates.

ID 144630

Leonid Shangin

Founder SailPlay • Worked at @mckinsey-company, @procter-gamble-2 • Studied at @lomonosov-moscow-state-university-1

ID 87067

Ivan Suzimov


CEO RAF-Leasing. Work in "Troika-Dialog" in 2002-2006. Invest in mobile and Social Startups

ID 639921

Dmitri Lukin

@kown-1 , Co-founder @Kin_mobile; enjoy each working day since May'14; love to test and implement new,crazy ideas; addicted to software and sports

ID 166324

Filip Perkon

Founder Alumnee • Worked at @bnp-paribas, @synergy-innovations-venture-fund • Studied at @london-school-of-economics

ID 80562

Bas Godska


E-Commerce & Internet Marketing Executive | Digital Dutchman in Europe, Russia and Ukraine

ID 113574

Roman Sidorenko


Founder @pure, @yep • Worked at @the-untitled-vc, @emc

ID 482899

Maxim Stepin


NSU-HSE; consulting; business development; J&J; Private Equity;

ID 145606

Alexander Chachava


Founder @leta-capital

ID 179091

Ekaterina Klink


Biz Dev , former Associate at @FINAM Global.

ID 339284

Viktor Belov


Angel. Currently the Director of the Group of Companies «Integrated Energy Solutions»,

ID 263819

Anna Parfenova

Information Architect, Community Manager @stealth-34, @kown-1 Usabilty Analyst @mail.Ru Group

ID 114080

Yaroslav Markin

Founding CTO at @evil-martians, premier Russian agile web development shop. Founder at @amplifr and @oh-my-stats!/yaroslav

ID 354611

David Roberts

American Marketing Consultant, Founder of The Other Side of the Tracks, Working primarily with innovative companies expanding themselves internationally.

ID 62879

Pavel Bogdanov


Venture Capital

ID 79844

Yuri Petrov

Founded More Salonov in Russia. Rised strategic money. Now CEO at YCLIENTS.COM - online reservation platform for local service businesses.

ID 49170

Dmitry Gorshkov

A driven, systematic product manager obsessed with good UX and small details. Currently: the product guy at @yam-labs. Previously: product co-founder at @task-ly

ID 124636

Maxim Ustinov

Founder @dasuppa-mobile-gaming-company • Worked at @stoik

ID 115525

Vitaly Polekhin


High Technology Industries Entrepreneur & Investor

ID 1447

Miquel Ros

Founder, advisor at and Sustainability Strategic Advisors. Previously Flightglobal and Bloomberg. Msc LSE.

ID 25931

Alexander Polynov

Founded @wobot (first social media monitoring tool in Russia); winner, Facebook World Hack 2012

ID 271293

Masha Drokova


PR director of technology-focused VC fund Runa Capital

ID 128362

Polina Flegontovna

Designer, Illustrator, Photographer.

ID 570227

Sergey Kostanbaev

Founder, CTO at Fairwaves. Full-stack engineer, hardware to high-load software. Moscow Stock Exchange senior engineer.

ID 290993

Vlad Davydov


Founded:, co-founded:, Expert in music business and talent development.

ID 569738

Alexander Chemeris

Founder, CEO of @fairwaves. VoIP, Software Radio and Open-Source background. Founded the first hackerspace in Russia.

ID 38749

Kirill Andreev


ID 42812

Alex Zaretsky

CEO, co-founder at @travelata. Former McKinsey consultant. Ex-computer engineer. MBA from @new-york-university Stern, MSc EE from Technion, Israel

ID 128686

Dmitry Amroyan

Founder of myWishBoard. Worked as Marketer & Product Developer more than 9 years (Acronis, TUI Travel); MS in Computer Science, Strong technical background

ID 11295

Bayram Annakov

Founder of App in the Air. 10+ years in software development (from junior developer to senior project manager), lector at top Russian universities

ID 200720

Mike Bobrov

Founder travolver

ID 27322

Max Anisimov

Entrepreneur & Marketing Strategy Manager. 7yr in top CPG, Tech and Internet: @hp @sabmiller @yuptalk-ru @kodskidki-ru. @university-of-california-berkeley MBA.

ID 87826

Pavel Nikonov


investment analyst at Bright Capital

ID 367900

Darya Trushkina

Passionate professional with deep knowledge of global mobile industry and significant record of closed deals worldwide. Original team member at Game Insight.

ID 197483

Ilya Hoffman


Investor @irates

ID 163613

Maxim Rostotski

Founder & CEO @goodsmaster • Studied at @moscow-state-university-of-economics-statistics-and-information-sciences

ID 180602

Yuriy Romanyukha


Investment Analyst @imperious-group • Studied at @university-of-california-berkeley

ID 229784

Elena Fironova


VC - looking for early stage investment opportunities in Internet and Tech space.

ID 355575

Eugene Liebermann

Co-Founder of @parkapp IT developer and financier. Professional driver. Robotics & artificial intelligence specialist. Co-Founder of @alpha Smart Systems,

ID 377693

Salvador Severich

CMO of @signaturit

ID 306608

Tommy Karyukin

CEO of EDISON Software Development Centre. Engineering success: startup, dotcom, software devt

ID 104594

Alex Kravets

Serial entrepreneur, Founder of @topic, previously founded blogging platform with more than 5M monthle page views & web-development studio MDSoft

ID 177874

Valentin Dombrovsky

6 years experience in internet-marketing. In 2011 founded @travelatus, in 2013 sold it to @excursiopedia and joined the team as VP Innovations.

ID 79834

Anton Skornyakov

Founder & Advisor @workhub, Lean Innovation Consultant

ID 463268

Gary A. Fowler

ID 214955

Alexander Zhelezny


Founder @zhelezny-global, @f26 • Studied at @harvard-business-school, @stanford-graduate-school-of-business

ID 54906

Alexander Batalov

Founder @antaray ,Sailor, Snowboarder, Surfer, Techie, Foodie...

ID 77166

Max Usubyan

Founder @admill, @campaigner • Worked at @discovery-communications, @wunderman, @rambler • Studied at @london-school-of-economics

ID 181114

Ilya Korolev


Entrepreneur. #Custdev & #leanstartup addicted.

ID 212988

Ivan Cherepukhin

CEO of Wonderwork. Founder of @round-2 and Manner & Matter label. Worked at Saatchi & Saatchi, RZLTT and Windfall Systems.

ID 91160

Sergey Toporov


Worked at @leta-capital • Investor @displair

ID 480153

James Simmons


Principal at TPG Capital, co-head Russia & CIS. CIO for Summa Group. BSE Computer Science Princeton, MBA Harvard. Active angel and secondary investor globally.

ID 100710

Eugene Gordeev


I invest in Russian internet companies.

ID 305783

Stilian Shishkov

CEO of Sportal Media Group, Strong sports marketing background

ID 376719

Laert Karaashev


Angel Investor, Mentor Director at JSFC Sistema, PE & VC background Applied Math at MSU, Masters in Finance at NES

ID 28548

Lawrence Wright

CEO and Co-founder of GVA LaunchGurus, home of Startup Academy, VC Academy, Seed Fund, etc. Zimin chair for entrepreneurial leadership, Skolkovo business school

ID 131255

Roman Nikitin

Geek, hacker and entrepreneur.

ID 195621

Lyubov Simonova

Principal at Almaz Capital Partners joined Almaz Capital Partners as a Principal in November 2010 to head the firm’s Internet practice for Russia/CIS. Prior to joining Almaz she was head of strategy and business development at Finam Investment Company, ba

ID 80077

Дмитрий Шестаков

Co-founder, CTO of @yclients, @moresalonov-ru

ID 349466

David Zokhrabyan

Founder and CEO @gitoon • Worked at @unruly-media • Studied at @london-school-of-economics, @lomonosov-moscow-state-university-1

ID 600772

Alexey Kostin


Scientific and business education. Former CFO of some big international companies. More than 15 years experience of investments in wide classes of assets.

ID 122234

Elena Rakhimova (Avilova)

private live professional Q&A network

ID 192849

Alexey Strelkov

Works at @the-untitled-vc, acting as CTO of various portfolio startups.

ID 145749

Grachik Ajamyan

Founder @Budist

ID 59826

Juho Risku


Serial entrepreneur, visionary business model expert, computer and web industry specialist with over two decades of relevant experience.

ID 356687

Kate Zotova


Investment Professional at VC Firm focused on investments in technology startups. Responsible for deal sourcing & due diligence.

ID 272825

Gulnaz Khusainova

CEO & Co-Founder at EasySize IT & marketing specialist with start up background. Founded EasySize, YouReserve and The Time Machine companies

ID 505349

Vladimir Dyakov

Founder pinbonus • Worked at @finam-global, @softkey-software • Studied at @startup-leadership-program-1

ID 46223

Oleg Mikhalsky

Director, Cloud Services at @acronis

ID 130314

Boris Abaev

Co-Founder at @cashsquare, Specialise in business development and uncovering new markets.

ID 330770

Igor Zelenov

Founder @manifest, @shield. UI designer @yandex

ID 132612

Nail Valiyev

Founder @vode-it • Worked at @innovation-warehouse • Studied at @university-of-wales-institute-cardiff, @grenoble-graduate-school-of-business

ID 98532

Alexey Chernyak


ex-CEO&Co-Founder at @groupon-russia

ID 126796

Николай Никитин

Founder Leadhit, @wizard-brothers, @the-last-cast-banner-lcb

ID 103502

Andrey Bogoyavlenskiy

Founder @krible, @ft3

ID 56148

Arthur Welf

Serial enterpreneur. Social media expert. Banking (Sberbank) and journalist (Kommersant) background.

ID 242167

Konstantin Vinogradov

Analyst at RunaCapital

ID 102249

Mihaly Szalontay


Managing Partner at Buran Venture Capital

ID 356459

Maxim Chebotarev


Responsible for venture capital funds and angel investors relations it Internet Intiatives Development Fund (200$ mln fund).Previous companies - Tekmi, Softline

ID 67890

Nina Grigorieva

Founder @news360

ID 82879

Nikita Korotaev

Hacker in Residence @glocal-partners, Co-founded @lectrio

ID 442871

Anna Znamenskaya

Digital Sales and Marketing executive. Co-Founded 3 startups from napkin to revenues. Strong business development skills.

ID 171188

Simon Dunlop


Founder Dream Industries • Studied at @university-of-bristol

ID 73511

Alexander Konoplyasty


Managing Partner / Co-founder, Buran Venture Capital. Inv banking background (Morgan Stanley, UBS). MA at MGIMO

ID 452038

Alex Kosov

Co-founder of @cad-crowd-cadcrowd-com and @maker6 in the 3D design and 3D printing industry.

ID 483799

Artem Danilov



ID 43983

Max Tolstokorov

Co-founder & CEO of @pinpoint. Master of Computer Science TTI SFEDU.

ID 155962

Michael Demidov


Investor @kown-1, Principal @ftl, mentor @founder-institute St.Petersburg, ex-Russian Tech Journalist @CNews

ID 184933

Oleg Kurchin


ID 86259

Ilya Oskolkov-Tsentsiper


VP at Russian 4G network @yota. Founder at @winter, London design consultancy. Founder at @strelka-institute in Moscow

ID 121328

Jonathan Tubb


Member of the Board of Directors at Group Bank Zenit (Chairman of the Audit Committee)

ID 80073

Arkadiy Meshkovskiy

CEO&Founder at @rentmania • Strong background in sales&marketing and BD. Worked at @hearst-corporation, @startuppoint @starta-capital

ID 109866

Max Chernykh

Managing partner at @project-hunting-agency

ID 102431

Петр Чаянов

Co-founder of @frebree-net, private cloud file platform. 15+ years in IT, managed/founded 10+ web/IT projects. CS Bachelor '00. Currently CEO of www.@hostkey-com

ID 153086

Leonid Eletskikh

BD @app-annie, Founder of @lovey, @softlation; Studied at University of Michigan, @stanford-university, VSU; M.P.A. degree.

ID 113721

Rustem Bogdanov

CEO & Founder at @wannafun. 1st speed online dating.

ID 287272

Yuriy Malov

Co-Founder of @Zadaqa. Jack-of-all-trades web developer of 15 years of web development experience in 3 countries.

ID 119095

Anton Malkov


ID 76479

Denis Blinov

Founder & CEO @gipis, ex @webprofiters (sold) • Worked at @parallels • Studied at @mipt

ID 1225

Lev Pershin

CEO & Founder at @www-firstdomainer-com

ID 20526

Anastasia Demina

Entrepreneurship support specialist (Russia), project manager, soon-to-be biotech industry support specialist.Have a blog (in Russian)

ID 82021


Founder @fanada-ru

ID 615698

Sergey Beskhlebnov

Cambridge U MBA,management consulting and IT blue chip experience

ID 292001

Nikolay Samokhvalov

MIPT ( CS graduate, successful career from web developer to CEO/founder.

ID 154283

Yakov Filippenko


CTO at @lingualeo. Hard skills in IT development and project management. Backgroud in IT (@yandex, @lingualeo). Math education.

ID 90197

Anton Pronkin

I am an entrepreneur from age of 14. Before working on @kula-1, I founded and successfully sold a chain of toy stores with gross revenue of $1 million.

ID 429784

Max Azarov

Founder of Cloudike Inc., formerly PM at @google, MBA from University of Massachusetts, Amherst

ID 228900

Sergey Blinov

Ex Lead Server Dev @kown-1, Ex High load & virtualization Architect @yandex, Supercomputers R&D @lomonosov-moscow-state-university-1

ID 158093

Alexey Zhestkov


Founder @universe-ventures

ID 258785

Alexey Likuеv


For 7 years have been involved in financing and launching startups. Partner in a Moscow-based seed fund Russian Ventures. Investing $35-500k.

ID 6314

Vladislav Korobov

Founder @live-graffiti, @live-typing which create mobile and social applications (it consulting)

ID 72365

Roman (Rafael) Gold

Editor-in-Chief @ "IT Business Week (International Edition)", Co-Founder & CIO @ "Jerusalem Startup Hub", Founder & CEO @ "@jewishnet-jewish-social-platform"

ID 211720

Nate Gadgibalaev

CEO of @amplifr, the productivity suite for musicians, business development geek at @evil-martians, Rails shop in Moscow, Russia.

ID 110577

Constantine Ivanov


Founder @3dprintus-ru, @inspiration-creative-agency • Worked at @crowdsynergy, @lebrand-creative-russia • Investor @inspiration-creative-agency, @umka

ID 175736

Ivan Blinkov

Expert on highload internet projects

ID 365353

Olga Grinevskaya


Worked at @pnpintl, @glavstart

ID 67849

Roman Malakhov

CEO, founder of bombsquare. Founder of ZOOM, ZOOM TV. 14 years in IT and over 200 projects participated.

ID 98506

Andrey Surin

CTO at Fun2Mass, Co-founder of several e-commerce start-ups.

ID 208399

Valentin Butyugin


Investor, Mentor, Advisor

ID 152890

Nikolay Davidov


ID 67949

Valentin Preobrazhenskiy

CEO at Avega Capital. Co-founder of FundNAV, Votepoller. Worked at CERA and Marquard Spectrum.

ID 50647

Sergei V. Kuzmin

Co-Founder/CEO Commmeta. Business development background in new media (Comcast, NBCU, Bazelevs). Raised >$5M for IT/media start-ups in '10. @university-of-california-los-angeles Anderson MBA.

ID 220171

Vadim Guslistov


Founder Lists, MoneyGiftMe

ID 124073

Victor Osyka


associate, focusing on screening and due diligence of seed and early stage startups

ID 199332

Olga Perova

Hands-on experience in business development and deal making

ID 91947

Maili Porh

Founder Instabeauty , Instaflora • Worked at @tbwa-tequila • Studied at @estonian-business-school

ID 61537

Dmitriy Maslennikov

I'm a serial entrepreneur, digital technologies expert, an evangelist for cutting-edge Lean Startup & Customer Development methodologies, a start-up mentor and an independent business consultant.

ID 158146

Ilya Kupriyanov

Co-founder @ @doctoratwork-com, 9 years in sales, marketing, business and product development. MIRBIS MBA Strategy Management 2008

ID 120291

Andrey Ustyugov


Founder @boostmate-2, @cofoundit • Investment Director at @imi-vc

ID 119490

Alexey Krekhalev

The founder

ID 130294

Sanya Yunaev

ID 75689

Вячеслав Давиденко


Investor in @brokservise, @mba-consult, @lobuy, @m-a-boutique.

ID 302309

Atai Konushaliev

Founder @octobertech-1, @miki-1 . Serial tech entrepreneur, web developer. I want to make people's lives around the world much better using tech.

ID 360491

Elena Samuylova

Startups & International business development at Yandex.

ID 109724

Sergey Martynov

Head of Mail.Ru Email Service. Specialist in technology and online business. Advisor to a number of startups.

ID 213877

Ariel Barack


ID 106954

Sergey Gaydaychuk

Lead Android @kown-1, Full stack developer, Android, iOS, server-side (Java), but now prefer building on Android

ID 68693

Maria Podolyak

CMO and founder at Licensario

ID 270676

Sergey Nebolsin

CTO & Co-founder of

ID 127142

Alexey Karlov


CEO at @angel-relations-group Business Coach at @gva-launchgurus

ID 239807

Daniel Berezner

I am Very goal oriented, extremely motivated and not a quitter. I am known to be a risk taker. life is short and you should live it , rather than simply exist.

ID 411729

Anastasia Zotova

Co-founder of @bitclass • Worked at @mckinsey-company • Studied at LSE and @harvard-business-school (MBA 2009).

ID 247978

Alex Motrenko


Helped build RU team for Qik, now heading Skype Russia.

ID 32244

Dimitrij Aleshkov


Entrepreneur with passion for projects! Husband, father, and owner of small IT companies. Lives in Helsingborg, plays chess and hangs out with friends.

ID 76497

Maxim Matveyko

General Manager at Farminers Startup Academy

ID 204780

Konstantin Stiskin


4+ years in VC/PE sector at Runa Capital, Phenomen Ventures and family offices. Finished Hult International Business School and NU-HSE graduate (economics)

ID 162177

Eugene Timko


Research Intern @bcp-securities, Associate Intern @crown-point-equity, IBD Associate @morgan-stanley, Worked at @inventure-partners. Investor @gettaxi-gett-in-usa

ID 91921

Alexey Poimtsev

Founder and CEO of Progress Engine (development company), co-founder of WebNabludatel (monitoring of violations on President elections in Russia at 2012)

ID 261363

Elena Gusakova

ID 105069

james eric jones

art director, graphic designer. magazines, custom publications, identity work. polyvalent.

ID 378448

Alexandra Osipova

Founder Be healthy, Directer of business development at Irony Production

ID 322988

Sergey Dmitrichenko

COO & Co-Founder of AmazingHiring. Strong background in tech recruitment, Founder & CEO of IT recruiting agency GMS Services.

ID 156725

Stepan Zinin

Founder @wonder-full • Worked at @ingenius-systems, @ailove

ID 270565

Fred Nazary

Graduated top of the class in Finance @smu • Placed 1st Nationally #GSB2012 • Addicted to Analytics, Analysis, Finance, and Models (all types)!

ID 96978

Katerina Romanenko

Communications Manager at Dream Industries

ID 582220

Alexander Serkov


10 years of experience in software engineering and project&product management, specifically in Big Data and Business Intelligence area. Full time MBA Student at Haas School of Business at UC Berkeley

ID 374332

Tomas Pusnovas

Founder of FAIRHelper. MSc at Bocconi University (Economics and Management of Innovation and Technology); Intern at FIPA Italiana Yachts; Amateur programmer.

ID 107699

Andrey Kulikov


Investment analyst at Fast Lane Ventures

ID 78682

Ilya Suleymanov

Big fan of neural networks. BCG alumnus. Love to experiment.

ID 52353

Vlad Kalinin

A venture capitalist that invests in who we are and who we are becoming.Angel Investor

ID 168351

Mishlaev Vitaliy

CEO of Good at product management, startup marketing.

ID 244959

Alexander Gorelik

Founded, Past: Head of Product at, Head of division at JSC NIIAS

ID 541393

Max Grigoryev

Founder @gk-capital-partners • Working at @lincoln-international

ID 288480

Dmitriy Borzenkov

CEO of Jeapie. Strong networking skills, business experience, presentations, evangelism

ID 465676

Pavel Tsarevskiy

Cambridge MBA, professional manager with significant experience in business and technology

ID 395565

Ilya Krasinsky

Product Manager, Mentor. Worked at

ID 71219

Boye Hartmann

Founder @comoto • Worked at @tdc-denmark • Studied at @copenhagen-business-school

ID 279825

Sergei Sokolov

Tech-head: built two startups, evolved many as a backend architect. Art-head: photographer and musician.

ID 517229

Vera Kozyr

Founder of @helpmenow, @notanotherone, @gero • Worked at @motorola, @yota

ID 171159

Andrew Pantyukhin

Synergy Hacker.

ID 399561

Ilya Veller

Worked at RenCap and VTB, can sell anything to anyone

ID 135352

Pavel Guzhikov

Founder of Round Lake, Deviants, partner at Hint Solutions. Making people happy. Strong business/product management background both in modern web and corporate.

ID 342179

Dennis Trukhin

Founder and CTO of @major-aide and @feel-geekish. Developer. PHP, JavaScript, NodeJS, SQL, NoSQL, HTML. Graduated @lomonosov-moscow-state-university-1 .

ID 68276

Michael Pakhomov

Founded @shoes-a-porter-ru, helped to improve merchandising @

ID 215763

Vadim Peskov

CEO of Diffco. We develop corporate internet projects and mobile applications.

ID 170793

Jared Barol

ID 74185

Elena Mashtaler

ID 324368

Pavel Sheynzon

Founder @Igid • Worked at @tvigle, @linklift

ID 285671

Alexandr Mikhaylenko

CBDO of Jeapie. Master's degree in CS and Math. Experienced entrepreneur (founded several IT projects)

ID 557920

Valery Meleshkin

Founder @gamescale-1 • Employee at @exante, worked for @t-platforms Strong software development background.

ID 153518

Alex Pomazov

CEO and co-founder @alloka-1. Naturalborn Entrepreneur. Business Ninja.

ID 257060

Pavel Glushenkov


CFO @ Marshall Estate, VP @ Marshall Capital Partners, Director @ InVenture Partners

ID 67298

Jerrol Spier

Recruiting Sports & Gaming Leaders.

ID 575500

Egor Gurjev

Develop the digital world

ID 437171

Ilya iOS Developer

C++/Objective-C/Python developer. More than 7 years developing apps.

ID 316561

Evgeniya Prozorova

MBA student at MIT Sloan. Consulting background (EY). Ph.D. in linguistics. Fulbright alumna.

ID 441070

Dmitry Shashlov

Co-founder of @musthaver. Software engineer with strong technical background and commercial experience.

ID 245964

Olga Egorsheva

Founder of Lobster • Worked at @dhl @dhl-globalmail, strategy & intrapreneurship• Studied MSc/MBA at @escp-eap, BSc Economics @lomonosov-moscow-state-university-1 University

ID 175337

Vitaliy Korobkin

Software architect/Product Manager/Hacker. CTO & Co - founder at @travelatus and @sevenquark

ID 342153


Degree in Journalism and Economics. Work experience at business newspaper and art research company. Working at Mileways since the idea was born in 2011.

ID 80110

Daniil Rumyantsev

Professional iOS-developer. Currenty working at @mail-ru-group. Previously co-founder of "FoodMap" LLC(@menutka)

ID 110407

Nikolay Antonov

Industry Manager at @google

ID 152665

Sergey Dmitriev

Director at Game|Changers. Co-founed apartment project 'HomeWork'. Worked at @siemens, @emc

ID 517266

Igor Mikhnenko

Founder HelpMeNow, @gero • Worked at @yota as Creative Director

ID 663162

Denis Alaev

Experienced Product Manager. Worked at Mail.Ru, AlterGeo.

ID 363375

Vasily Gatov

Head of RIA Novosti MediaLab

ID 177433

Alexey Maklakov

Founder/ CEO @venturezlab Founder @appsfield • Studied at @plekhanov-russian-academy-of-economics

ID 116697

Denis Savitsky

Student at MIET, Moscow; working at ELINS as Ruby, Rails and VCS connections developer.

ID 570083

Alexander Protikhin

UI/UX designer. Over 30 apps for mobile devices and smartTV. Worked for Samsung, Sony, Cisco. Combination of great graphic skills with deep knowledge of theory.

ID 167592

alexey shelaev

Worked at @microsoft, built Small and Medium Business' segment online strategy and unified product value prop. Strong content creation background.

ID 282663

Oleg Demidov

Business Development Director of Navigine and Opiner. PhD in Physics and Math at Lomonosov MSU. Strong background in business consulting, IT and public sector.

ID 493777

Shavkat Aynurin

Works at @news360 • Studied at @devry-university

ID 134623

Alex Krivonosov

Microsoft Technologies Evangelist. Windows Phone / Lead Server Developer (Microsoft Azure) at @Angie/@kown-1 , Windows 8 & Windows Phone Developer at @my-apps.

ID 309189

Andrey Khachaturov

Communications Director at @altergeo, @gvidi-1 In past: i-Jet Media; Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation; ENSO Law Firm.

ID 99105

Олег Капитонов

СEO of, SQBA, Founder of

ID 313500

Vitaly Rubanov

Managing Director of INTELTEQ (Gartner Cool Vendor 2013). Master of Computer Sciences, Economics and Business Administration.

ID 680585

Martina Mauro

There are so many things to love and build in this world. #PR // Lived in the USA and Moscow. A passion for #Tech #innovation #Startup #Amazon & #Radio :)

ID 350224

Benjamin George Griffin

Project Manager set on making a Non-Hierarchical Radio Network. Built first FM station at 23. Proven on AUD1.1M projects, exp in AUD500M Company.

ID 468050


Co-Founder of @oomph-labs-limited. Strong business background (@skadden-arps-slate-meagher-flom-llp and @debevoise-plimpton-llp). • @oxford-university graduate.

ID 170690

Anatoliy Komkov

Founder @hiconversion • Worked at @fast-lane-ventures • Studied at @moscow-state-university-of-economics-statistics-and-information-sciences

ID 328680

Vadim Novitskiy

Provide new information age.

ID 310307

Andrey Anischenko


CEO and partner of Grape digital advertising agency, acquired by WPP in 2012. In 2013 Grape was named #1 digital agency in Russia.

ID 112734

Alex Ilyin

Head of Consulting Department at IconText

ID 66841

Ladislav Semetkovsky

CEO, Founder at Primoco Investments Limited

ID 439884

Andrey Rebrov

Agile coach. XP Maniac. Innovation games evangelist. Java/HTML/JS/... developer. Husband. Founder of Russian Craftsmanship Community

ID 328142

Eugenia Muradyan

Founder HighFives! • Studied at @state-university-of-management

ID 422068

Dmitry Gaiduk

Founder @cooltool-com • Worked at @umg-research-international, @comcon-ukraine • Studied at @national-technical-university-of-ukraine

ID 202787

Dmitry Gordeev

Entrepreneur, product and business developer. Have 5+ years of project and product management experience. Strong sales and negotiator.

ID 232859

Andrew Zhigulev

Founder Out of Office • Worked at @kpmg, @deloitte for 9 years, Senior Manager, M&A Tax Services

ID 158199

Alexey Vorobiev

Founder & CEO of Usalytics. Previously bootstrapped @itima_ru, Russian outsourcing development company.

ID 157145

Daniel Shaposhnikov

Founder & CEO @awear-me, Creator & Advisor @i-ogorod • Studied at @state-university-higher-school-of-economics

ID 292124

Vitaliy Ponomarev

Founder&CEO @wayray - Cars' AR-navi with marketplace for mobile apps

ID 489647

Vasily Esmanov

Co-Founder Cirqle and Look At Media. Media-manager, photographer, editor.

ID 115756

Pavel Pravdin

Internet, Social, Mobile entrepreneurship & mentoring

ID 522417

Saniul Ahmed

Worked at @neosphere • Studied at @university-college-london

ID 417803

Anna Bokshitskaya

Money doesn't grow on trees.

ID 382955

Sergey Bushmanov

Founder and CEO of Vnovation Electronics • Worked at @citigroup, @allianz Founder&CEO of StoneHedge Finance Group (Suisse), 5st startup run. Business Developer.

ID 127495

Innokenty Belotsky


Chairman of Cloud4Auto Ventures. Invest in IT startups in Automotive industry

ID 408300

Leonid Gonchukov

Server Dev at @beeo, Senior Engineer at Far Eastern Regional Hydrometeorological Research Institute

ID 26687

Dmitry Nozhnin

Founded Dusk Rift - a game about real world. 15 years in games: publishing, product management, analytics & monetization. MBA. A lifelong learner.

ID 294521

Elisey Zakharov

ID 362986

Mary Kuznetsova

Bachelor MSU CMC. Founder MediCard.

ID 238164

Rico zu Knyphausen

Founder @elastic-io • Worked at @dhl, @dr-heuser-ag • Studied at @university-of-passau, @university-st-gallen

ID 205382

Anastasia Bashkeeva

Worked at @accenture, @glavstart • Studied at @state-university-higher-school-of-economics

ID 371420

Carlos Serapiao Jr.


I worked in Brazil and in Russia with startups in different areas, especially in the oil and gas industry, but also with dotcoms.

ID 112955

Paul Proshin

Designer at amoCRM

ID 454814

Sergey Ryabenko

Passionate and experienced backend, frontend and Android developer. Team leader, DevOps, scrum master. Founder @smartmeal • Worked at @lingualeo

ID 177964

Vitaly Baum

Worked at @microsoft

ID 23118

Alex Kistenev

http://[email protected]/pub/alexey-kistenev/26/898/211

ID 161537

Stepa Mitaki

Building digital products for public sector, helping cities use technology to better serve people. Previously in advertising.

ID 100331

Valentin Kalinin

@kloudpics Cofounder

ID 201201

Konstantin Andryushchenko

Co-found one the biggest publishing company in CIS; Experience in multimillion deals negotiations; Facebook Fellow; Strong business background; Clear mind.

ID 526642


Chemist, programmer, Ruby developer. Passion to world changing things and edge technologies.

ID 276476

Nikita Gorchakov

Bootstrapped itBoat • Studied at MSU • Worked at Forbes Russia • Over 15 years of experience in web building and yacht business • First million at 25

ID 454793

Mike Farlenkov

Founder @bizcontacts-net, @connections

ID 163737

Oleg Galkin

Worked in @taxcom, @acronis, Vitec. Founded @videoworklink-com, @blackscreen1-com, @fourpillarsofwisdom-com and @metbash-ru.

ID 61533

Richard Francis

Motivated and entrepreneurial, always looking for new ideas; Strong technical background and managerial experience; Worked at MySpace and

ID 442896

Egor Danilov

Proud part of Moments team • Previously Chief Product Officer at @ivi-ru, Chief Operating Officer @myvi-ru

ID 164886

Alexander Zhurba

Experience, strong top-level networking and investments for high-tech companies (from seed to growth)

ID 50206

Dmitry S

Founder, concept of Cloudiverse project, which was started on Techcrunch Disrupt Hackathon 2013

ID 97256

Alexander Danilin

Rockstar software engineer. Strong technical background. Master's Degree in CS. I'm here to work on building next generation native iOS apps for @kula-1 Magazine.

ID 124049



Managing Partner @ Emerging Capital V.P.

ID 288992

Pavel Sukhov

Editor-in-chief of 4 Russian online business media, the latter -, subsidiary of Ft & WSJ >4M users monthly. PhD media studies Moscow State Uni 05.

ID 446286

Catherine Bystritskaya (Welcomes invites)

Формирование интернациональных и территориально распределённых команд разработчиков ПО.

ID 409978

Ainar Abdrahmanov

Founder Online University for Parents

ID 461881

Andrey Shevchenko

Founder of @ag-1 . Founder & CEO of @riot-pixels 15+ years in gaming media business.

ID 310891

Alexei Fedotov

Alexei and his technical team want to join a startup project to bring its bright future with their solid technology skills

ID 252139

Fedor Novikov

Founder at @labori buildings. Former urban planner, NYU alum.

ID 561104

Yury Novikov

Founder @highfives • Worked at @microsoft • Studied at @moscow-aviation-institute

ID 7612

Ilya Osadchiy

Information Security Professional and Fulbright Scholar. Experience in InfoSec Sales and Marketing

ID 312211

Vladimir Ilishkin

Founded @unface-me. Graduated Computer Science faculty of Moscow State Univerity. Currently studying in Lancaster University, UK, MSc Project Management.

ID 91437

Roman Kutanov

Founder @campaigner, Campaigner Labs

ID 362722

Valentin Ryabtsev

Worked at @accenture, @procter-gamble

ID 191748

Alexander Oskin

Serial entrepreneur • Founder @hello-russia-company, @hello-russia-group, @intergroup-inc • Worked @subway-1

ID 413990

Mikhail Kotlov

Founder @camopulse • Worked at @societe-generale, @vtb-capital • Studied at @london-school-of-economics, @national-research-university-higher-school-of-economics

ID 259703

Maxim Barsamyan

Founder Vnovation Electronics

ID 102157

Todd Nalven

Director at Chiron, affiliate of $100m fund. In Moscow since '95. Invest in and advise startups & growth. @cornell-university MBA & St Lawrence Univ.

ID 516189

Акоб Абагян

Founder MyStarCalendar

ID 193207

Dmitriy Pustovalov

Founder at @mycitycar, Worked at @microsoft, @superdeal-ua • Studied at @state-university-of-new-york-system, @budapesti-corvinus-egyetem

ID 20596

Pavels Romanovskis

FMCG, Retail, Procurement / Marketing executive, father of 5, lives in Riga, Latvia

ID 129323

Dmitry Linkov

Experienced Business Executive

ID 207047

Alexander Lopatine


ID 247542

Andrey Spivak

Creating and maintaining detailed project, mobile/web/games products specialist, ability to develop, design and implement Web/Mobile-based Projects to End-Users

ID 137841

Sergey Nikitin

@labbler Founder and CEO, Strong software development, teleco and business background. Software development Degree, MBA degree.

ID 223488

Alisa Tribuleva

Founder, artist, developer, an IxD soul, building better UX for e-commerce and small business.

ID 240007

Scott R. Schreiman

CEO of Kerio Technologies

ID 503723

Daria Golikova


• Worked at @flint-capital

ID 288414

Ivan Popov

London School of Economics and Political Sciences, Higher School of Economics student

ID 44669

Darya Gert

CMO of @pinpoint LLC. Social Technologies and Social Management specialist.10-year experience in business events management (Expert RA)

ID 198132

Max Pokalyuk

Founder @clapp • Worked at @kpmg, @european-bank-for-reconstruction-and-development • Studied at @plekhanov-russian-academy-of-economics, @middlesex-university

ID 264753

Dmitry Shilyaev

Co-Founder of @justhost-ru, 4 years of entrepreneurship. Lead Dev @quest-software, @mks Instruments (project for DARPA). 10 years in Software Dev.

ID 169035

Jeni Mayorskaya

Founder&CEO of Mnemonic, mobile microtasking laborforce. Worked as Product Director and COO at @dream-industries, product strategy for @yota.

ID 30231

Vladimir Kanin

Founder @pay-me • Studied at @university-of-antwerp MBA degree. Since 2012 - Pay-Me.Ru Member of Investment Committee of Maxfield Capital.

ID 332174

Anton Herasymenko

Founder, CEO & Designer at @readymag. Previously founded a design studio SILA and worked as a lead designer at Art.Lebedev Studio.

ID 118465

Sergey Moliavko

Founder of @dressup-ua and @mylabel.

ID 99538

Leonid Eliseev


ID 375893

Joachim Homeister

Lawyer in the German-Russian business community since 2006. Worked both on institutional cross-border investment projects and start-ups. Puts pragmatism first.

ID 33843

Ivan Tolmachev

Interaction designer. BSc in Multimedia from DCU, Dublin, Ireland. Originally from Moscow, Russia, currently living in Barcelona.

ID 488012

Alex Bystrov

CEO and at Cirqle • CDO at @look-at-media

ID 95681

Alexey Kinyov

CEO at Gorodok. MIPT Master's degree. Strong engineering and team management background. Building tech company in Russia.

ID 226041

Dmitry Agafonov


ID 436895

Danil Perushev

Founder @, @theory-and-practice, @boldkit • Worked as COO at @dream-industries • Studied at @lomonosov-moscow-state-university-1

ID 632843

Dmitry Slivin

Founder @panolynx. Founded and exited 1 company in Russia. Marketing and sales, UI/UX design, basic programming skills.

ID 237929

Khripchenko Ekaterina

Managing Director at @vcv-ru 1st Video Interview recruitment service in Russia

ID 564044

Alisher Hasanov

Worked at @gipis

ID 555733

Vladimir Mironov

Founder @globerland • Studied at @london-school-of-economics

ID 196167

Alexander Dadashev


Worked at @inventure-partners. Investor @gettaxi-gett-in-usa, @2can-ru, @onlinetours-ru, @foggmobile-com, @happlink-ru.

ID 206622

Kotina Elena

Worked at @yandex, @dorogatv • Studied at @lobachevsky-state-university

ID 127173

Sergei S.


Investor @the-last-cast-banner-lcb

ID 653756


Founder @blume-1

ID 172329

Denis Kozminykh


Founder @2init-int • Investor @kvk-team

ID 153936

Eugene Agafonov

Head of Lingvo Web Development at @abbyy • Microsoft MVP in ASP.NET. C#, .NET and Web development expert.

ID 614320

Andrey Banshchikov

iOS Developer; Participated in development of 10 iOS/Mac Applications(all in AppStore); In love with mobile analytics, high quality UX/UI, Customer Development

ID 268398

Andrey Scherbovich

product owner & co-founder at Arendorium • Worked at @epam-systems, @pixonic; Strong technical background and management skills.

ID 269217

Barry Lunn

CEO & Founder Arralis • Founder Microsense • Founder Lamhroe • Ex CEO Amideon • Studied at @university-of-limerick

ID 193395

Anna Lan

ViewHue Founder. Community Building Expert. Master of Business Informatics, E-Business specialisation.

ID 189974

Evgeny Godov

Worked at @mail-ru-group, @yandex

ID 183766

Andrey Bulachev

Founder @venturezlab • Studied at @moscow-state-institute-of-electronics-and-mathematics

ID 322842

Pavel Aleshin


Expertise department head

ID 354179

Vitaliy Shopov

Founder UnitySales

ID 106833

Konstantin Trofimov

Founder @entrobit-agora, @mebelion-ru

ID 113876

Stanislav Leontenko


ID 323065

Maria Dulepova

Moscow State University degree. Launched 2 websites, 1 of them - russian/german start-up (food delivery from restaurants). Highly experienced content manager.

ID 383631

Yuri Shubin


ID 281148

Stanislav Vorobyev

CTO of PTB Progress

ID 305049

Dmitry Nikiforov

PhD student at MSU. Strong software development skills, inspired enterpreneur. Mission: to create software that changes the world.

ID 81287

Oleg Nozhichkin

I'm looking for interesting things. Also need some? Follow me or ask me what you are looking for! :) #photo #travel #internet #cars #sports

ID 693256

Maria Melnikova

Start-up enthusiast with academic background in business, economics & geography and experienced in project management, international relations and analytics

ID 129757

Michael Korneev

I'm business owner and top qualified programmer.20 years I developed custom software for various companies/people,sometime alone, sometime as team chief.

ID 448154

Evgeny Kirdey


Finance professional with diverse background in various industries

ID 122215

Dmitriy Zaitsev

Student at Moscow Institute of Electronic Technique (MIET). Android (Java) developer. Studying IT over 7 years (of my 20).

ID 100378

Shmavon Gazanchyan

PHP/JavaScript/C#/Python developer. BSc in Business Informatics, MSc in eBusiness and Innovation.

ID 78153

Alexander Klimov

Geek, contemplator, musician.

ID 158195

Stanislav Sazhin


Founder @doctoratwork-com, GetBetter! • Studied at @moscow-state-institute-of-international-relations

ID 306947

Vsevolod Rymar

UX / UI / PM

ID 98490

Petr Prokop

MSU CS, Mobile Dev., Launched 5 successfull iOS apps, including Russian "Square"

ID 91948

Dmitry Kurkin

Creative director and co-founder of @sigma-ukraine; 13 years of experience in web design and internet software development, usability for web and mobile.

ID 403807

Nikolaj Kotov

Originally Physicist, worked as PM in different russian IT-companies

ID 213828

Vitaly Saginov


ID 278723

Konstantin Shevchenko


Managed special situation private equity fund, with over 500 mln usd of assets in russian energy sector. Exited in 2009.

ID 317955

Vladimir V. Tuporshin

Founder @Shop-Script, Co-founder @webasyst, founder @PocketLists, Founder @1312, Founder @yesterdayme. Designer, developer, system architect, PhD.

ID 188059

Larisa Simonova

Worked at Biochemmack Diagnostics; ex-partner and CFO at Prokoni Shop; Co-Founder and information architect at Infodesk; Channelkit Co-Founder.

ID 305247

Dmitrii Ponomarev

Co-founder and CTO of @unface-me. Strong Computer Science skills from Moscow State university flavoured with tons of experience in social projects.

ID 162692

Dima Saburoff

Investor Senior Analyst at Runa Capital

ID 258132

Dan Abramov

Won a @google contest for open source work in high school. Learned the web stack at @lifshits' gig. Now immersed in making @stampsy.

ID 31880

Anastasia Zhukova

Team member of @iq-one, @startupindex.

ID 55770

Tema A Bekirov

CEO of @twi-ru

ID 349113

Alexandr Bakeev

Co-founder in Digital Socium (advertising agency); BD in;

ID 101333

Alexey Sheremetyev

Founded, UI/UX and web design 10+ years

ID 279515

Michael Mukhin

Built & lead engineering @boomrat-1 • Worked @the-rubicon-project, @university-of-california-san-diego

ID 466257

Alexander Kalinnikov


RUSNANO, NLMK (Novolipetsk Steel), Deloitte

ID 99852

Alexey Gadalin

Founder @kloudpics, worked at

ID 20675

Sergio Smirnov

@seamayor-com Founder, born in Moscow, HSE Moscow MBA. Co-founder of the Smart Solutions Creative bureau, partner of the Ratio Scripta Consulting company.

ID 13557

Andrey Gershun

ID 174023

Michael Greene

Studied at @stockholm-school-of-economics

ID 309200

Anton Baranchuk

CEO and Co-founder of @altergeo (Gvidi). PhD in Physics and Mathematics. Founder and CEO of successful IT companies.

ID 321484

Armen Karapetyan

ID 158867

Baiba Liepina

ID 241794

Ivan Bulatov

I'm certified project manager (PME) with 3 years experience in software development. Former @pwc-1 consultant with strong IT and business development background.

ID 416228

Anton Anufriev

Ten years of experience in PE and VC in Eastern Europe with focuse on Internet projects. Recent investments: Expopromoter, Ticketforevent. Master of Economics

ID 570081


Founder Tazzr. Worked at @credit-suisse, @deutsche-bank. Studied at @lomonosov-moscow-state-university-1

ID 500877

Leonid Batalov

Worked at @ball-park-production-house, @avantgarde-brand-services • Studied at @auckland-university-of-technology

ID 305157

Yegor Ivantsov

Chief Marketing and Finance Officer in Cyber Gifts, founded, work as project manager in JCDecaux subsidiary, MSU Master in innovation management

ID 700661

Алексей Синичкин

ID 227158

Oleg Kim

ID 417335

Igor Titov

Founder • Worked at @national-instruments, @cern • Studied at @epf-lausanne, @bauman-moscow-state-technical-university

ID 506528

Stanislav Ovsyannikov

Worked at @jelastic, @sibedge, high level at Java, C, virtualization and low-level network programming. Mobile developer on Android, iOS, Windows Phone, Tizen.

ID 598925

Evgeny Virnik

ID 214906

Roman Ravve

Russian market ocused, kids digital media analyst, experienced inresearch and analytics, tween girls project founder (

ID 257903

Ivan Popelyshev

Developer of HTML5 MMO technology • Jedi_Knight at TopCoder • Co-Founder Bombermine • Worked at @yandex, @wargaming-net • Studied at @lomonosov-moscow-state-university-1

ID 412043

Alexander Kiryanov

Founder @bitclass • Marketing background (Publishing, Strategy Consulting) • Studied at @lomonosov-moscow-state-university

ID 471493

Leonid Kozlov


Founder Beloved Home • Studied at @lomonosov-moscow-state-university-1

ID 197685

Mikhail Trofimov

Founder of • Worked at @nebo, @team-rocket-science • Studied at @kazan-state-university University

ID 111095

Andrey Ugleff

PM at Group (42.000.000 daily users). I have both strong technical background (developer) and manager skills.

ID 180322

Dmitriy Gorkov

Founder and CIO of @cashoff . Strong business background, MBA, excellent experience and knowledges in e-banking systems development.

ID 312195

Anton Golovin

Co-founder, CEO Graduated Faculty of Computational Mathematics and Cybernetics at Moscow State University

ID 506519

Igor Glotov

Worked at @jelastic, @mail-ru-group. Hardcore level at Java, JS, ObjC. Fanatic app developer for Android, iOS, Windows Phone, Tizen. Winner of the iCTF 2008.

ID 255149


Experienced IT professional. Experience in IT support/operations in various companies: from Russian SMBs to major MNC.

ID 438569

Sergey Madaminov

Founder Meet&Eat • Worked at @vimpelcom-group • Studied at @lomonosov-moscow-state-university-1. PhD student at Moscow Aviation Institute, MSc student at Skoltech and MIPT.

ID 272508

Stepan Filatov

SDE 2 at Microsoft Skype

ID 526955

Sergey Budnik

Founder @tecleor • Studied at @mipt, MBA

ID 278371

Konstantin Savenkov

PhD CS, Head of R&D at Dream Industries, left academia to push technology closer to people.

ID 418628

Vincent Malic

ID 322590

Mikhail Blank

CEO of Plug & Play Dagestan. Creating world-class business-incubator in the turbulent region.

ID 397573

Andrey Neverov

Skilled and motivated software developer. Experienced in building fast and reliable systems from scratch. Very energetic and ready to take on new challenges.

ID 119926

Alexander Vasiliev

Founder @apps4all • Studied at @state-university-higher-school-of-economics

ID 529285

Vladislav Trofimov

Doctor of Chemistry, Professor. Developed the optimal modes of radiation treatment to reduce microbial contamination, disinfection and disinfestation.

ID 656802

Bartlomiej J. Gawron

Entrepreneur, Visionary. Founder/CEO @voltu

ID 617790

Richard Trovatten

Founder of Skillpocket. Five years of start-up experience. Previously team-lead at Dream Industries + Personal Advisor to the Danish Minister of Culture

ID 301676

Alexey Ermolaev

RSUH IR,business development ninja,hVe skills in hardware and software as well as in investments and programming.

ID 374370

Vadim Kartashev

ID 141335

Boris Ziatdinov

Worked at @the-elastic-platform, @1c-company • Studied at @lomonosov-moscow-state-university-1 University

ID 215658

Kirill Maximov

PhD Economics (internal controls), Strong business background (group CFO, export sales executive, director chemicals procurement). Leader of complex initiatives

ID 646253

Artemiy Rodionov

ID 158851

Alexandr Noskov

Founder @filiorum

ID 35722

Denis Egorov

Founder @musthaver

ID 639761

Michael Scheglov

Co-founder of @parkapp . PhD in economics from a major Russian university; worked as Business Analyst in retail trade; avid writer and enterpreneur.

ID 325051

Samat Galimov

ID 529303

Vyacheslav Abrosimov

Doctor of Physical and Mathematical Sciences, Professor. Founder @tecleor

ID 215561

Alexander Petrov

ID 361004

Александр Лёвин

Product architect, full stack development, team management

ID 208773

Andrey Novikov


Working at @dresdner-kleinwort. Worked at @pricewaterhousecoopers-1, Worked at @jp-morgan. Investor @displair, @printio-ru.

ID 346638

Andrii Kostenko

Founder @help-me

ID 168815

Azat Khalilov

Founder Spottie, NRU-HSE Bachelor; experienced in managing online retail projects

ID 698812

Konstantin Abakumov

ID 131032

Ekaterina Kuznetsova

ID 200713

Artem Titov


CEO & Co-Founder @mebelion-ru. Investor @entrobit-agora.

ID 666508

Anton Degtyarev

Professional in IP network operations and development; software engineer; experience in sales/pre-sales

ID 109738

Dmitry Skorinko

Project Manager, Software Architect, Teamlead. Mobile applications are my passion now.

ID 219999

Philip Etingen

founder @imustbethere. The magic chemical to make things working. Rocked at @syngenta-international-ag, @procter-gamble-2, @gillette

ID 680507

Denis Stepanov

ID 571295

Kirill Pimenov

Startup CTO (two have failed, the third succeeded). Physicist by education. Developing software for living (and managing development) for the last 10 years.

ID 462905

Denis Golomazov

PhD in Computer Science. Researcher at Moscow State University. Web developer in Django. Main developer of ISTINA in MSU.

ID 477278

Irina Mishalov

Founder Developed EB5 Foreign Investor Consulting Firm. Hungry & Driven Entrepreneur. Business & Marketing Consultant • Studied at @depaul-university

ID 664763

Vladimir Yashin

Back-end/middleware generalist with experience mainly networking and security domains both as developer and system engineer

ID 574427

Vlad Kozin

Hacker School alum, Lisp/OCaml/F#/Factor/CoffeeScript, investment banker turned programmer

ID 570838

Andrey Milokhin

Marketing Manager @ Mosclass. Worked @ RIA Novosti, @

ID 94417

Georgy Oleynik

Me is da best

ID 306438

Alex Kuznetsov

When I was student I have visit OPERA experimen in Italy. We found neutrinos oscillations. After universiry worked in oil and gaz company with geological data.

ID 278193

Aleksey Redkin

Founder @glorypets

ID 139148

Anton Sulsky

Founder @sitesupra, @vide-infra-group

ID 435966

Dennis Yudchyts

Founder @ab-i-hayat

ID 415064

Olga Makarova

Founder Catch 22 • Worked at @unilever • Studied at @state-university-higher-school-of-economics

ID 413867

Mark Sozonov

Vice president @ NST ltd. (Moscow, RF), marketing manager @ Market Probe (London, UK), intern @toronto-dominion-bank , MBA Cranfield University

ID 550415

Vladimir Ovsyannikov

Sr Developer

ID 172660

Mark Gay

Russia’s first global TV news and online channel, RT. Cross-media consultant on news, video, content for every platform. Trainer, mentor and launch veteran.

ID 134605

Elena Yurgeneva

ID 488764

Vladislav Klyachin

Full stack generalist, 12 years in SaaS development, Master in Go and C++

ID 448885

Ivan Panfilov

Founder and Financial Director at Glorypets

ID 23451

Scott Baker

Investor in @round1-media, @new-biology-inc, @bds-enterprises.

ID 557871

Alexander Cherkasov

PM in Zdravprint

ID 375526

Oleg Balbekov

Founder of

ID 315559

Alexander Mescheryakov

Product Designer at Brandymint, Front-End Engineer. Launched several iOS, Android and PhoneGap apps. Studied at @mipt

ID 489234

Alexander S. Abramov

CTO of Garant Media, Worked at Microsoft

ID 288535

Антон Довбня


ID 69389

Andrey Suldin



ID 92390

Alexander Zhaboedov

Co-founder one of most experienced consulting company - DANIP. Consulted more than 80 investments-USD 0,8 bln. Succesfull deals with RU, EU and US companies.

ID 274736

Alexander Vinogradov

Co-founder @revenga • Digital creative & marketing expert • Worked at @ogilvy, @lumata

ID 530932

Alexey Troshchenko

Worked at @nice-systems • Studied at @mipt

ID 222276

Max Riveiro

Studied @moscow-aviation-institute. Geeky Russian developer. Backend Lead Developer at @cookwizme — mobile (iOS, Android) recipes startup with Ruby backend.

ID 437595

Andrey Novikov

CBDO at NaviRobot LLC. Commercialization, marketing and product management. Experience in web infotainment projects development. Master's degree (MPEI, Russia).

ID 330328

Anthony Vdovitchenko

Founder @wo-tl • Worked at @quest-software, @mentor-graphics • Studied at @moscow-state-institute-of-electronics-and-mathematics

ID 147326

Ivan Zyuzin


Worked at @fjord-capital-partners, @baring-vostok-capital-partners • Investor @tesla-motors

ID 242386

Eugenia Matveyeva

Co-Founder of MovieTrends.Net and

ID 246150

Andrey Dmitriev

Head of Lingvo testing group at ABBYY. Strong IT background. Founder Lobster

ID 248376

Sergey Shaporov

Founder @mageo • Studied at @moscow-state-institute-of-electronics-and-mathematics. More than 10 years in software development, took part in 3 startup projects.

ID 151420

Andrey Usoltsev

Studied at @moscow-aviation-institute

ID 341892

Maria Pershko

World's leading platform for those who wants to set up GLOBAL sales. Please check it up ;)

ID 38734

Liya Volova

CEO at Aktiv Educational Center (e-learning). Marketing Director at AGRO-3. Chief editor at publishing house (training and methodical materials). PhD.Journalist

ID 119540

Yaroslav Nazarov

Founder @monosnap • Studied at @bauman-moscow-state-technical-university

ID 371374

Alexei Shein

Founder Mine; LAMP developer, server- and client-side programmer; proprietary ORM framework maintainer; international commerce specialist in past.

ID 518029

Albert Patrashku

Moscow based conceptual and visual designer for mobile, web and desktop.

ID 489033

Wagan Sarukhanov

Hightech Creator, CEO Flexlab Ltd. We invented the notebook with size of a USB flash drive. µPC™ is the most protected personal computer in the world.

ID 340993

Uriy Zhuravlev

Linux (C,alsa,jack,mesa,galllium), Game (C++, OpenGL, SDL...) and Web (python, pylons, JS, dojo, postgre,redis...) Hacker. Master degree in Computer Science.

ID 330307

Artem Grachev

Founder Everyads • Worked at @mail-ru-group, @game-insight

ID 142940

Yan Sloka

Co-founder, CCO @ @vidimax, @Netville. Worked at MTU-Intel (AFK Sistema, STREAM), NKS, Matrix (Energo Group)

ID 442895

Evgeniy Maxim

Founder LookMedBook • Worked at @wikimart-ru • Studied at @moscow-state-institute-of-electronics-and-mathematics

ID 411927

Sergey Averin, Ph.D.

entrepreneur, investor, educator

ID 509121

Vincent Stark

Entrepreneur, engineer, with strong and diverse technology background.

ID 413081

Marco Torregrossa


Founder and Managing Director at Euro Freelancers.

ID 414376

Sergey Doronin

engineer, high tech executive, 15+ years in mobile industry

ID 426611

Aleksandr Parfenov



ID 231648

Yana Moskvina

Founder • Worked at @yandex, @eurosport, @vedomosti-ru-with-ft-wsj

ID 588472

Vadim Gimpelson

Founder Eltechs, Inc

ID 298515

Ali Arat


Part of Abraaj Capital- leading Private Equity investor in global growth markets.

ID 485392

Gatis Tropiks

Founder of Eworks, SVAA & Twauction • Worked at @pay4results @mailigen @shoppingplus

ID 411909

Gregory Afanasiev

Executive banker, entrepreneur, investor

ID 411893

Olga Stebakova

Vice President, Private Banking @russian International Bank

ID 151949

Pavel Rebrov

Founder @netmind-social-media, @vidimax, @buzzware • Worked at @cisco-systems-deleted-deleted, @cti-communications-technology-innovations

ID 366791

Andrei Nikiforov

Founder of Filtry; Technical (MEPHI) and design (BHSAD) education background; Working in marketing for 6 years

ID 409979

Ruslan Almakaev

Entrepreneur, investor with substantial executive management experience

ID 411916

Tatiana Tarasenko

Banker, investor

ID 600447

Yana Frolova

Worked at Microsoft, worked at SAP

ID 448052

Nastya Monastyrskaya

Editor at @glorypets • Studied at @taras-shevchenko-national-university-of-kyiv

ID 668530

Maria Vylegzhanina Donskaya

ID 211776

Rustam Mirzoev

intern @ Rizzoma

ID 411922

Natalia Korovina

financier, investor

ID 242207

Gleb Polushkin

Founder @qstoq • Worked at @we-heart-pics, @wobot

ID 196946

Rostyslav Ivanitsa

ID 267489

Svetlana Mikhaylovskaya

Print design experience (magazines, books), UX/UI design experience, prototyping, HTML/CSS.

ID 421922

Vladimir Andreychuk

entrepreneur, investor, advisor

ID 301366

Lev Pogosov

Founder @skillary @smsdar information architect | consulting | development

ID 127609

Stanislav Margolin

Co-Founder, CEO as, Inc

ID 551646

Jelle Akkerman

Worked at @3plet, @dream-industries

ID 526530

Samir Azizov, MSc

Founder • Worked at @deloitte-touche • Studied at @plekhanov-russian-academy-of-economics. 7y experience in Accounting and Audit

ID 15728

Alexander Dmitrenko Marchenkoff


Founder @the7studios-spain • Investor @the7studios-spain • Studied at @russian-state-university-of-people-s-friendship

ID 217974

Dmitriy Gudovskiy


ID 28259

Leon Zilber


Investor in @jumptap, @tidaltv, @solidfire.

ID 696423

Maxim Melnikov

Lead designer at Semibold Mammoth and @pitched

ID 347266

Anton Velikanov

Founded Sand Sign, Strong technology background (Moscow Engineering Physics University), Co-Founder and CTO at PropHop.

ID 197490

Irakly Kaveladze

Studied at @university-of-new-haven. Vice President at ZAO Crocus International.

ID 454695

Daniel Leonov

Founder @soniclink • Studied at @bauman-moscow-state-technical-university • Software/Hardware/Embedded systems developer

ID 185370

Sébastien Blanc

Developer & Development Team Leader @getsy. Studies: @university-of-savoie @National Conservatory of Chambéry. Work: Independant Web Developer & Music Producer

ID 521511

Michael Kuryshev

Front end developer at @yolto-inc; worked at @billboard

ID 180770

Phil Drobyshev

Founder @getsy. Studies: University of Savoy (Fr), IPAC (Fr), Ifalpes (Fr). Worked at Euronegoce (Fr), Concept Event (Fr), Rive Gauche (Ru), DDH (Ru) etc..

ID 280689


ID 188052

Lisa Oreshkina

Founder of Channelkit, IZTP and Designthe.INFO. Also founder and information designer at Infodesk. Information architect of Masterskaya post-grad design course.

ID 298062

Alexey Sekachov

Product designer

ID 595380

Roman Zhukov

Founder Wicron • Studied at @bauman-moscow-state-technical-university

ID 313943

Ivan Partsianka

Data Scientist

ID 529072

Sergei Kasatkin

M.S. in Coputer Science. B.S. in Automated systems of information processing and management. Xbees, Arduinos, Pattent recognition.

ID 368733

Masha Belyakova

Mathematician; Tech Geek; Kickstarter backer; launched Android Monetisation Platform

ID 538950

Peter Leonov

Hardcore JavaScript developer. Experienced Ruby developer. Fanatic Perl developer, in past. Ready to invest in visa for an interesting project.

ID 290977

Alexander Sorokin

SDE II @ Skype/Microsoft. C++, javascript, coffeescript, ruby, erlang. web frontend developer at the moment

ID 197150

Darya Suhorukova

Art and creative director Studied at Master of Arts in Creative directions in Hochschule Pforzheim

ID 448120

Oleg Isakov

Editor-in-Chief at @glorypets

ID 676923

Александр Фоменко

RC pilot and studying private pilot. Aerial shooting. Drones are my passion. Own a photo studio. Love to work and travel.

ID 131841

Denys Iakushev

DBA&Backend for, advisory services, (backend),phillips&voltimum B2B develop, Lead Developer,Сo-founder @taberna eCommerce

ID 317366

Ruslan Vorobyev

Founder of Worked in Advertising and Business Consulting across several countries. Eng. Diploma with Excellence (Bauman TU), Humboldt Uni Berlin

ID 678991

Dima Demeshkin

ID 449662

Oleg Borisov


Technical lead for E-commerce global solution

ID 441221

Alexander Retunskiy

Worked at @boldkit • Studied at @bauman-moscow-state-technical-university

ID 638394

Evgeny Bagdasaryan

BSc BMSTU, internship at Cisco, USA. Worked on a small start-up in Moscow developing new storage systems.

ID 124939

Alexei Keda

UIX designer at @yandex

ID 38691

Sergey Pozharnenkov

Participated in several sturt-ups. Worked in Kaspersky Lab as Infowatch CTO (former subsidiary). Co-author of IW products concept and connected patent

ID 452801

Nerses Najaryan


Founder at iArmenian, Tittat, sentzLab

ID 50697

Dmitry Popov


Strategy professional

ID 67970

Anri Asaturov

Team member of @citility.

ID 297827

Evelina Lavrova

I have wide experience in Marketing & Sales about 8 years. PM at @pay-me. I successfully launched (Kontakt East Holding AB) and prior to that I promoted @gettaxi-gett-in-usa in Moscow. BS Marketing. Looking for opportunities!

ID 399579

Eugene Fedorov

Founder Drop Up, @pinefit-com • Worked at @rutube

ID 202650

Andrey Pletnev

Founder REFX Expert • Studied at @russian-state-university-of-people-s-friendship

ID 357014

Natalia Angapova

Co-Founder @videoly-1 • Work at @yandex

ID 326313

Oleg Tchitchigin

Founder at Brighter Games

ID 521502

Timur Gumirov

CTO at @yolto-inc; Worked at @badoo, Mamba

ID 125041



ID 663297

Nadezhda Chebykina

ID 552134

Anna Maistrenka

Customer/Product Development. Expert at Marketplaces. Cross-functional. Lean method follower.

ID 364516

Maxim Gordeev

Working at Mail.Ru Group

ID 354952



We invest in seed/early stage start-ups within the Consumer Internet and Digital Media sectors in the emerging markets.

ID 364267

Olga Morozova

Designer at @yolto-inc; worked at BBDO Interactive

ID 193474

Dmitry Nechiporenko

Founder @azimuth-intellectual-products-pte-ltd

ID 652294

Vladislav Popov

ID 171189

Andrey Popp

Chief Troublemaker

ID 593885

Vadim Andreev

ID 231973

Roman Tuaev

Strong programming background. Worked at CQG, StreamCast Networks, Rapidsoft, Market Pulse.

ID 416442

Ivan Akimenkov

Studied at @voronezh-state-university

ID 444005

Alexey Olin

ID 377111

Sergey Skip

Interaction & Graphic Designer

ID 343167

Nikita Silchenko

CEO of Tiger Optics LLC

ID 594526

Vasily Dubinin

MA in management. Self-taught developer.

ID 171504

Bas Grasmayer

Worked at @dream-industries, @official-fm-3

ID 436922

Andrew Zaitsev-Zotov

Co-founder @boldkit, Co-founded @bookmate '09, CTO @lookatme, R&D @mail-ru-group '01-'05, strong technology background

ID 464082

Michael Kalinchenkov

Founder @riot-pixels 1999-2012 - Editor-in-Chief @ag

ID 556669

Konstantin Kosmatov


ID 277747

Sergey Asafov

ID 130508

Carry & Cash Post

Founder @carry-cash-post-2

ID 464089

Vladimir Goryachev

Founder @riot-pixels • Worked at @rambler, @golden-telecom-rol

ID 303082

Artem Zhiganov

Strategic planning director, Red Keds. Helped clients like Unilever, Panasonic and TNK to embrace useful communication, Lean, UX and other awesome stuff.

ID 561112

Roman Sovalov

Founder @highfives-1 • Worked at @microsoft, @aladdin-r-d

ID 556407

Sergei L

Worked at @pingwin-softare, @social-media-monitoring-3

ID 619710

Maxim Drachyov

Designer and front-end developer

ID 502869

Mihail Klimin

Founder @myconomy

ID 698788

Vladimir Chernosvitov

ID 698785

Aleksey Gaponov

ID 31247

Sergey Kovalev

Founder MaDaX, Soft Models • Worked at @aegis-media, @brightpattern • Studied at @state-university-of-management

ID 305764

Alexander Solovyev

CEO and founder of Cyber Gifts (all digital gifts in one place). Worked at @news corp., work at @jcdecaux subsidiary. 2 degrees: marketing and law

ID 196393

Nikita Krasnov

CBO Made carier at Raiffeisenbank, Societe Generale. Studied in HS Pforzheim, University of Finance Ministry (Russia)

ID 570267

Daniyar Shekebayev

CDO of Bolshoi Gorod magazine; launched 2 successful mobile apps, comprehensive experience working in media

ID 451659

Vladimir Ryabchikov

Android Developer

ID 195113

Valery I. Prokofyev

Game R&D

ID 441189

Alexandr Korovin

Worked at @yandex, @rambler • Studied at @the-british-higher-school-of-art-and-design-art-direction

ID 651525

Nadezhda Sterlikova

My work experience is more then 12 years, in such companies as: BMW, MTS, MANN+HUMMEL, Amway.

ID 467820

Maria Guryanova


ID 206569

Maxim Uvarov

Cofounder @k50, @sem-in-russia-community • Worked at @wikimart-ru, @i-media-ru

ID 132734

Anna Yakusheva

SSTP Directorate Ministry of education and science of Russia: Chief-lawyer.contract law,public tenders. Photochemistry Center RAS:contract law,legal adviser.

ID 541456

Serg Kizim

Founder & CEO of @tripstota.

ID 537241

Artem Troinoi

I work with 3 startups in Russia, Ukraine and USA, i launched 3 startups. Now work at

ID 469593

Olya Stavskaya

Studied at @russian-state-university-of-people-s-friendship

ID 663904

Igor Kirianov

Android Developer

ID 663879

Maxim Megabraza

I'm cocos2D/xcode developer,I can make iOS multiplayer game for iPhone+iPad&GPS/GLONASS mobile apps

ID 656042

Dmitry Belkin

Professional web-designer. BA student at BHSAD Moscow.

ID 401204


Founder • Worked at @nbc-universal • Studied at @russian-state-university-of-people-s-friendship

ID 185263

Leonid Konovalov

Founder & CEO of Slotberry. Founder of Bonus company, one of the leaders in offline-gambling market Russia/CIS till the ban of Land-based gambling in Russia

ID 389808

Albert Yaraliev

Founder of Extra App, a second screen app for sport lovers. 7+ years of bizdev experience and team leadership

ID 145533

Jonas Wilhelm Sorheim

Founded Mindlikes straight out of high school.

ID 257892

Mark Zubovsky

Co-Founder Bombermine. IT-Entrepreneur, Coder (Frontend/Backend), UI/UX, Peopleware.

ID 344903

Сергей Григорчук

Russian Engineer. We were first in space, remember? OK, I wasn't in that team actually :)

ID 317743

Sergey Keplin

Co-Founder @awards

ID 643017

Andrey Pyankov

Private equity fund analyst -> Python developer

ID 139057

Vladimir Filonov

@labbler core developer. Python/Django, Erlang/OTP, Javascript/jQuery/CoffeScript

ID 415963

Vsevolod Seregin

PhD student at MGSU-MISI; chief engineer of MonArch; 4 years freelance front-end developer;

ID 597938

Beykun Dmitry

Worked at @wicron, @moscow-state-technical-university-of-civil-aviation

ID 664133

Kirill Kalchenko

Front-end developer at Group

ID 441844

Konstantin Melnikov

Software Engineer and more. Broad mindset. 10+ years of software development experience. Math education.

ID 615770

Gregory Brooks

Founder and CEO of @the-brooks-inc.

ID 437807

Anton Krukovich

ID 438462

Denis Ermolin

ID 547938

Andrey Yakubov

CTO in

ID 180996


Founder @intickle • Worked at @bss. Moscow State Technological University “Stankin“

ID 315984

Anton Nefedov

Founder/CEO Afterlogic Corp.,

ID 287297

Alan Alvarado

Chief Technology Officer - Klink Mobile Inc

ID 470172

Yurii Soldatov

ID 119382

Alexander Trakhimenok

Founder at Petamatic Ltd - a company behind and projects.

ID 246618

Denis Bikchurin

Founder @takeitnow (shuttles run)

ID 659776

Anton Yakovlev

ID 353999

Ivan Pisklyukov

Founder of Archibase Planet, Founder and Developer of Ritmxoid Biorhythm Tool

ID 371966

Artem Slizhik


ID 558374

[email protected]

Cofounder of FiveCards and @aerostate. Studied Software Engineering at HSE, Moscow.

ID 321194

Artemey Melnikov

Founder "Lemur" Take Away Coffee Bar

ID 566576

Mihail Davydenkov

Automated work of Call-Center in bank, using RoR web API (using by ~ 500 operators)

ID 568829


ID 570873

Alexander Biragov

Founder Mosclass. Founder advertising agency Partizan-PRO. Competent in administration, finance, marketing and sales.

ID 574601

Andrew Provkin

Founder 1Lay. Cybersecurity expert (direct work) and an electronic engineer (higher education).

ID 561218

Yan Smelnitskiy


Head of Venture Investments Development at RWM Capital

ID 586628

Lishona Koshis

ID 611414

Igor Diatchenko

Programmer, Business Planning, Search for business process emprovement

ID 574420

Denis Moiseychev


Investment manager at VB Partners (family office of Ruber Vardanyan, VC and PE investments). Previously worked for 5 years at Sberbank CIB (

ID 611415

Irene Provkina

I have a great experience in business planning and financial analytics. And I really love doing it.

ID 616432

Aleksandr Grigorov

Founder, CTO at I.W. Interpreters Worldwide Ltd. Full-stack engineer.

ID 701837

Nick Kupriiyanov

Ruby developer

ID 604443

Marina Kubaeva

ID 596244

Pavel Nesmelov

8 years of PHP/JS/HTML expirience. Worked at

ID 608567

Marina Kovaleva

ID 606301

Yulia Myshlyaeva

ID 592396

Лев Бережной


Project Manager

ID 582310

Anton Zalesov


Co-founded Fashion Confession (

ID 451821

Yaroslav Saltykov

ID 606411

Alexander Lobov

ID 571993

Malik Yaser

ID 551451

Эдуард Ражапов

Founder LifeQuest

ID 513852

Alex Carugai


Born in Italy. Where studied. Then moved to Russia. I'm a programmer. Work in a large company. I have stable income. I like volleyball. My wife supports me. =)

ID 522469

Prasanth S Devan

Founder @hike-international, @mmt-china

ID 529138

Andrew Botkin

ID 525107

Eugene Sid


Graduated from MSU physics dept., Founded several IT startups, online acquiring/ipsp, e-commerce (affiliate platform online stores), state/commercial bids search engine.

ID 560031

Anton Vlasenko



ID 515869

Evgeniya Gayntseva


I am a representative of the Russian venture company Titanium Investments. We are interested in investments in IT and high-tech companies.

ID 561132


ID 540524

Nikolay Demidov


The investor into Choco Family, one of the largest e-commerce groups in Kazakhstan

ID 554547

Alexey Shahmatov


Funded EKSO Bionics

ID 558964

Kirill Nikolaev


ID 542397

John Marrow


Over 25 years' professional experience in business advisory and private equity/venture capital. Current focus on venture capital investing in cleantech.

ID 546468

Svyatoslav Ivanov

IOS developer at AnyWayAnyDay. Tech lead at Edadeal. Universal web&mobile dev, designer on occasion.

ID 529386

Praggat Osd

ID 520080

Konstanin Skoblik

Founder @baskona

ID 543030


have no experience

ID 697191

Andrey Chibisov

Worked at highload project of social network. Used to profile my code, such as tests and etc to make sure that it works and works fast. ( Golang & Cassandra )

ID 616591

Alexander Levashov

Founder @unium

ID 555647

Oleksiy Soba Torres

Founder Speak2Me., @touchme-media-service • Worked at @mail-ru-group, @lactalis • Studied at @simferopol-state-university

ID 540033

Kirill Potekhin

ID 478048

Konstantin Lapigin

Working in TBWA\Moscow, realized couple successful iPad and Android advert and apps. Bold advertising portfolio. Strong Art Direction and Digital background.

ID 511508

Екатерина Лукашева

ID 502977

Andrey Narkevich


COO @ Teremok

ID 510812

Maxim Yerohov

UI/UX designer; Worked at Yandex;

ID 484346

Ilya Buravlev

ID 496655

Виталий Беляев

ID 489895

Sergey Lakotko

UX and Visual designer with more than 10 years of professional expirieence.

ID 485536


ID 484352

Levon Danilyants

Founder Creative Solutions, LLC

ID 477195

Igor Varavko

Ruby on Rails Developer

ID 507454

David A.

Founder @tvnet360 • International entrepreneur • 1st startup at the age of 16 • Speak 8 languages • Lived in Europe/Asia/America • Founded companies in Real Estate, Outsourcing, Ecommerce and Social Media

ID 505355

Alexander Girin

implemented more than 30 projects in the field of electronic document management, workflow,HRMS Systems by, C#,Sharepoint

ID 499701

Andrey Pachay

Product developer

ID 483275

Anastasia Balashova


Experienced communications and business development professional in IT/Corporate fields

ID 486429

RD Pod

ID 514901

Igor Arshavskiy


I am a representative of the Russian venture company Titanium Investments. We are interested in investments in IT and high-tech companies.

ID 694494

Yulduz Zaripova


I have individual income exceeding $200,000 , or income combined with my spouse exceeding $300,000, in each of the past 2 years and expect the same this year ti

ID 485137

Yuri Surbashev

Be a Pro... Improve football.

ID 480416

Arseny Zarechnev

Front end hacker, node.js experimenter, occasional nomad, former founder OSS. Trying to understand and achieve business goals while still hacking code.

ID 509894

Victor Kinelev

ID 470193

Evgeny Zdorov

Creation and development of consumer community. Marketing high-tech products. Risk management in high-tech, high-risk endeavors.

ID 444249

Maria Hahn

ID 623394

Alexandr Usachev

ID 444788

Nikita Crezter

Web designer. Working at Mail.Ru

ID 472265

Roman Nesterov

Full stack web development

ID 453053

Kirill Lvov



ID 473970


ID 471759

Alexander Souglobov

CEO at LITTLE retail online store. Kids designers and fashion brands.

ID 622915

Paul Khaustov

Senior Software Engineer (Java) with 5 years experience. Worked at @jsc-ratingoff, @llc-cb-imoneybank. I'm looking for remote job.

ID 447252

Vladimir Kudryashov

An experienced project and product manager, PMP

ID 443510

Anton Seledets

ID 447011

Filip Novak


Member of the board at Polyweb s.r.o. and Chairman of the board at Stargym s.r.o.

ID 464568

Evgeniy Artemyev

Project manager / Senior Web developer

ID 464410

Evgeniy Shtukin


Evolution of productivity, philosophy and speed. The new entrepreneur. Sharing things I'm learning...

ID 465359

Rose Maverick

ID 448957

Alexey Karnakov

Founder Web & graphic designer. Usability specialist.

ID 463825

Elena Merkulova

MSU; completed several goverment projects in ABBYY; outdoor fan

ID 473969

Popov Andrey

Founder @flats-houses, @bpautomations, @clockstock

ID 441038

Irina Vladimirovna


ID 472139

Valentin Loshchinin

I am an interactive designer and art director interested in creating impressive design concepts and carrying out highly detailed executions.

ID 425861

Anton Smirnov


Financial Controller

ID 415842

Konstantin Sergienko

ID 427568

Anton Rodin

ID 432236

Sergey Manelyuk

Founder and owner of a design agency. Strong marketing background (CJSC "METROBANK", OJSC "Russ-Bank"). Founder @geovision-research. PhD.

ID 439355

Ruslan Karnaukh

ID 415069


Founder Pupakiotti

ID 411535

Mikhail Fedosov

ID 417383


ID 434396

Alexey Mordasov

ID 445397

Boris Yurkevich

Front-end Java, Web, iOS developer.

ID 626353

Arseniy Rastorguev

Communications professional with strong background in tech PR & social media

ID 432896

Gleb Mikulich

ID 428040

AO Sevidoff



ID 437566

Evgeniy Borisov

Founder of WIDJER.

ID 415397

Dmitry Tsoy

ID 410400

Anatoly Burtsev

Worked at google

ID 425222

Galina Awake

Worked at IBM and Accenture; broad connections in Russia business world, can bring financial support

ID 423124

Pavel Petrinich

Mobile User Acquisition (iOS & Google Play), Bachelor Degree in Marketing. Work at Game Insight

ID 414924

Alexander S. Ivanov


Finance industry professional looking for early stage investors alone or in consortium

ID 410060

Вячеслав Караваев


HR IT professional in oil/gas company

ID 398257

Alexander Krot


Worked at @askdroid

ID 359027

Дмитрий Васильев

Bussiness Developer located in Moskow

ID 406801

Алексей Хайновский

Founder TheBestUp

ID 391876

Алексей Алексеев

IT-expert in URALSIB Corporation

ID 380572

Alexander Tsibulski

UX Designer. Founder of Hardheaded

ID 396529

Vladislav Stoyanov

ICQ iOS project that have more than 500k unique daily users.

ID 370685


Looking for a great job...

ID 392703

Semen Pinigin

ID 688611

Станислав Толстов

интернет-проекты, мобильные проекты, стартапы, mobile, Android, iOS, product management, e-commerсe, инвестиции

ID 360085

Eugen Dolgov

Worked at @mail-ru-group

ID 377599

Alexander Kiselev


Founder Future Foods

ID 689208

Anton Egorov

ID 411105

Valery Tarbokov, Ph.D.

Founder at @the-world-artistic-movement

ID 380793

Nikita Filippov

Continuous product discovery

ID 387901

Anna Kotova

ID 400829

Yury Marychev

ID 361078

Alexey Papulovskiy

Full stack web developer with a passion for data visualization

ID 402435

Sergio Ivanoff

ID 397670

Denis Sharypin

Digital Native UI Designer

ID 382565

Dmitry Bergelson

ID 333027

Svetlana Vinogradova

ID 334265

Zhenev Nikita

ID 686302

Evgueni Zakharov



ID 338036

Vyacheslav Nikitin

CEO of Clinics Online. 2 thematic projects background.

ID 317868


Founder TestCo

ID 342979

Alexandr Dem'yanenko

ID 686966

Alexey Yatskov

Passioned in Android apps creating. Haven't yet worked at Google.

ID 333552

Marat Lastochkin

ID 330723

Ilnar Taichinov

Developer at Kaspersky lab.

ID 342367

Amir Kerimov

ID 346660

Evgeny Yakushev

ID 346746

Artur Grishin

ID 324274

Dmitry Kabanov

A web/music geek that's into web broadcasting, content strategy, startup packaging and seed accelerators. Plus I curate Moscow @startupdigest and @StartupGenome

ID 330962


ID 331745

Yaroslav Kravtsov

ID 686351

Alya Pozdnyakova

iOS developer at Background in Web Development. Master of Science Degree.

ID 326799

Eugene Zvedenyuk

The most famous Russian on Instagram

ID 333524

Ivan Shornikov

Front-end developer for more than 5 years; ArtLebedev studio;;; HTML5 web applications

ID 343843

Ilya Maksimenka


Founder of Russian VC company

ID 335704

Maxim Subbotin

Chief Software Architect at

ID 306872

Dmitry Makeev

ID 302578


Experienced setting up and managing both venture backed and self funded startups.

ID 306543

ID 313425

Alexander Axyaitov

Founder ParLand

ID 304479

Jack Bailey

ID 286242

Александр Ильинский

ID 316344

Sasha Kang

ID 284885

Petr Nosov


Energy company CEO

ID 300961

Nikita Yampolski

Co-founder at unadox and New Clear Radio. Posesses decades of technical experience in international IT, Software, Telecom, Internet and Sales assignments.

ID 289178

Konstantin Zhukov

ID 290976

Vasily Evseenko

ID 298510

Dmitry Blumberg

Founder AVA ERP

ID 288471

Artem Chernikov

self-educated, 10+ years in IT industry, 4+ years in software development

ID 310863

Artem Vetrov


Private Investment

ID 304535

Emil Yakubov



ID 292475

Evgeny Shibanov


Expert on telecom markets

ID 288421

Damir Mukimov

This words will tell you (a little) who i am: songs, drumms, dancing, reading, writing poems, microelectronics, extreme sports, friends

ID 683813

Zaytsev Alexey

ID 289066

Alexey Pie



ID 305154

Ariil Davidov

ID 277311

Mansur Kuchkarov

CEO @sistematika-it • Ideologist & Project Executor

ID 279199

Valery Anestiadi


Director @dekart-1.

ID 276811

Andrey Polyakov


Founded Sharent, invested to some russian companies

ID 284218

Alexey Melnikov

Web apps/services ninja

ID 290265

Antonina Pavlyuk

ID 263326

Alexey Zakhlestin

Founder Strong technical background. Contributor to various Open-source projects

ID 276478

Александр Степанов


PhD Computers Science MIT

ID 276773

Михаил Писаревский


[email protected]

ID 276470

Alexey Novikov

User interaction and experience scientist.

ID 280602

Sergey Petrov

Founder and CPO of What Matters; Worked at Yandex, Mail.Ru Group; Founder of inTaxi.

ID 270710


Universal IT soldier (frontend, backend, services, frameworks, cms etc)

ID 644207

Denis Aristov

Key account/ business development manager being operated approx. 4 years at international e-commerce market with proven track of records/ client's portfolio.

ID 265235

Oleg Botvenko

ID 274800

Виктор (Victor) Насочевский (Nasochevsky)

ID 281640

Olga Suvorova


Founder and CEO at leading russian jewelry ecommerce.

ID 274537

Andrey Satti


VC since 2010

ID 274483

Ivan Lakshinsky

ID 277067

Zhirayr Ghazarosyan

Launched 2 successful projects

ID 272837

Vladimir Smirnov

Co-founder and CTO at @easysize

ID 275576

Pavel Silakov

CMO of FuzzMe. Bachelor of Management at Presidential Academy in Moscow. Worked at Investment analytics and real estate appraisal.

ID 648216

Frederic Bogart

Business leader for creative internet media industry - Sales & Business Development

ID 644357

Tatiana Belikova

Digital Video Distribution and Marketing

ID 227191

Alexander Azarov

Cofounder and CTO of @osinka , Ph.D.

ID 259492

Alexey Schaschaev


CFO @ural-invest-sa. CFO @ojsc-progress, CFO @obi-russia.

ID 646493

Oleg Desh


Fill what's empty. Empty what's full. Sratch where itches.

ID 225994

Art Vodolazsky


ID 246680

Konstantin Chikarev

Founder Javarro

ID 222824

Andrey Rozhkov


ID 224762

Aleksei Snegirev

ID 247715

Sergey Pushkarev



ID 259516

Vladimir Lulin

Sales manager (B2B, business soft). Аccounting and managerial accounting database programmer.

ID 244768

Victor Baburin


Lawyer, enterprenuer, founded (election service), brokerage company "Parity" for goods trading

ID 236468

Michael Savelyev


ID 227603

Olga Molodsova


Worked at @cheaptrip, Web Designer @aic.

ID 252520

Сергей Лобан


I ve got my own cinema producton

ID 242859

Stanislav Moskovtsev


MSc Economics, Strategy consultant

ID 229637

Lev Kangin

Co-Founder & CEO @admify • Worked at @marc-ecko-enterprises, @iptp-networks

ID 223104

Stas Gorbunov

CEO of FuzzMe; Pre-grad@BMSTU; [email protected]

ID 250661

Alexander Ovchinnikov

ID 229789

Ilya Rudometov

Mobile @kown-1 • Lead Mobile @mail-ru-group

ID 209432

Stan Semenoff


Founder Trilldy and many other startups, MBA.

ID 214040

Denis Gorokhov

Founder Motifin • Worked at @groupon

ID 220636



ID 184543

Vladimir Golubev


ID 211407

Aleksandr Ivanov


ID 177998

Gleb Kuznetsov


ID 196725

Denis Bolshakov

Founder Dctio

ID 175137

Dmitry Dremov

ID 213823

Pochechun Andrey


Development Manager @alfa-bank. Financial Consultant @qb-finance.

ID 199296

Sergey Kubyshko


Worked at @russian-venture-company

ID 177802

Viacheslav Kosilov


ID 214924

Nikolaev Nikolay

Senior RoR Developer

ID 175523

Max Zhegulin

Strong background in FPGA design, SoC architectures, system level design, acceleration of computational algorithms.

ID 177764

Maksim Ustinov

CTO of @smartstart @clipclock

ID 179882

Nickolay Yegorov

Software engineer; Worked at Yandex, currently an intern at Facebook.

ID 679114

Julia Luginina

ID 204321

Roman Spiridonov

Lead developer at Excursiopedia.

ID 219112

Mikhail Pogolsha


Co-Owner @wikitop-ru.

ID 206626

Alex Drozdovsky

ID 202740


Lead software developer at Yandex.

ID 132251

Ivan Antonov

CEO of @taberna eCommerce. CEO (co-founder) of (proceeds $3 million/year). Worked (senior manager) at 3 partner programs (ecommerce shopping).

ID 159654



Founder ConpeQ

ID 167212

Andrew Red

Worked at @epam Systems, @alpari

ID 676969

MUVAA Animation Studios

Founder MUVAA Animation Studios

ID 161654

Ruslan Smirnov


ID 676916

Dmitry Losev

Founder and developer Compass. Worked at Imagine Investment Company, Absolute Investment Group, HSG Zander GmbH, Blackwood Real Estate.

ID 163838

Konstantin Shabalin


ID 176356

Michael Yang

CEO / Co-founder at YouComedy.Me

ID 137950

Mark Manuilov

M&A project manager at Renova

ID 134660

Sergei Mishin

Founder and CEO at Gruppa99. M&A lawyer with passion for outdoors.

ID 136062

Ermolay Romanoff

Social Media Evangelist

ID 653818

Slava Kim

Self-employed Product designer from Moscow, Russia.

ID 169015

Kirill Muchow

Worked at @photo-time-machine

ID 167706

Valeria Kelie

ID 132900

Levy Raiz


Business development at ARMiS, entrepreneur. Master's in Business. Israeli Government Fellow. Worked at Israeli Ministry of Trade and Industry, IDF

ID 145102

John Smith

ID 150846

Andrey Kashubsky

ID 165079

Евгений Уступкин

Informational Architect/Designer, Project Manager, Technical Director, Business Analyst. Journalism Degree (Far-Eastern State University, Vladivostok, Russian Federation )

ID 167699

Sergey Shlykov

ID 133030

Andrey Bourdelle


ID 91539

ID 92600

Minsc Tdap

ID 97244

Ivan Indamix

Startup Co-founder, Front End Engineer, Open-source Contributor

ID 659276

Ольга Грачева

ID 90961


Design, creative, Life Style & Social Media guide

ID 93088

Рии Ммвб

ID 95638

Dmitry Perevalov

ID 675331

Andrey Salomatin

Full stack professional; Passionate about programming communities, lean startup ideas and design.

ID 93960


ID 102188

Sergey Prokhorov

Moscow - based software developer

ID 97302



ID 95288

Vadim Yeshkunov

Mobile Developer/Co-Founder Zingl

ID 126506

Dmitry Zaryuta

Founder & CEO of easy ten. Using my Medical Psycology skills for building a world-leading educational apps.

ID 109212

Dmitry Linov

Founder @brandmask, @istalls

ID 99769

Elena Bocharova

Executive & Leadership Coach

ID 95276

Andrey Bogomazov

User Interface Designer / Art Director Zingl

ID 126489

Nikita Pestrov

iOS Developer, co-founder,

ID 116831

Александр Газеев

ID 112989

Viktor Vyalchin

Web-based UI developer

ID 98487

Andrey Bourdelle

ID 663988

Alexander Makhlay

ID 664012

Nikolay Safonov

ID 68395

Andrey Torchinsky

Game developer.

ID 66836

Suzanna Al-Samarrai

HOP, Instinct Creative Agency, BBDO Russia. Worked for Brunswick Brokerage, Venture Cap Fund, and as a Producer of MTV Russia. In TV ad production since 2005

ID 664103

Pavel Shevelyov

python/django developer

ID 81296


I'm great developer and super designer.

ID 664023

Lyubim Colt

ID 60231

Harry Sumin

Student. Like startups, sport, work, coding, web-design

ID 663938

Pavel Kovsharov


Expertise in Telecom; invested in youvend (BtB purchase platform for HoRECa), All Evacuators (BtB platform for Evacuators), Yaclass (Educational platform)

ID 66017

Nikolay Kuznetsov

ID 71099

Alex Random

Founder of @wobot.

ID 663837

Artem Starikov

ID 664287

Anna Efremova

ID 672949

Аня Алексеева


I am lawyer

ID 51059

Yevgeniy Anfilofyev

CTO of VAN Company, CEO of, strong IT background

ID 51333

Alex Mysilver

ID 663968

Denis Samoilov

University MISIS (Moscow), iOS developer, apps and games development, work in SamoSoft

ID 56931

Pavel Shadrin

Worked at @gazprom, @vtb-capital

ID 85994

Denis Rakitov

Sound engineering on Russia Today channel Independent film director

ID 55846

Dmitry Bykov

I damn annoying designer from Russia who is trying to implement immediately a rabid bunch of projects ... FFFFFFFFUUUUUUU

ID 668576

Михаил Тихомиров

ID 29763

VOLK Finance Group

Investor in @volk-finance-group.

ID 669877

Tigran Grigoryants

ID 3509

Eugene Bogorad

ID 36989

Bartosz Kalinowski

ID 20770

Sergei Dergach

ID 670499

Frank Underwood

best of the best

ID 8810

Petr Fedorov

ID 17991

Leonid Sedov

Investor in @www-plannex-ru, @www-constructivist-ru.

ID 10154

Anton Rogozhkin

ID 17898

Roman Burtaev

Investor in @metagames-ru.

ID 665528

Dmitry Zagorul'kin

Have been working in banking with IT Sec system,Worked in QA automation,Now i'm working with highload distributed system which runs on erlang in investment

ID 6122

Sergey Utkin

Investor in Iptv (, @bnk-mid-size-commercial-bank-in-ukraine.

ID 670372

Alexey Verein


ID 47813

Oleg Baskakov

Founder Loytz, @myvyoo, @carvard • Worked at @jbilling, @ActisWunderman,@neoflex, Nikita Games

ID 665479

Artur Teregulov

ASP.NET MVC Developer

ID 14244

Alexander Pak

ID 47769

Andrei Dyomin

ID 28760

Olga Romanova

ID 32999

Sergey Dolgov

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