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Map of the local innovation industry.
Meet some of the best and newest startups based in Moscow.

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ID 124660

Denis Kondratovich

Founder of @maesens @socialweekend @goodwillion . Serial Entrepreneur. BizDev. Marketing. Management. Optimist.

ID 271293

Masha Drokova


PR director of technology-focused VC fund Runa Capital

ID 179091

Ekaterina Klink


Biz Dev , former Associate at @FINAM Global.

ID 27322

Max Anisimov

Entrepreneur & Marketing Strategy Manager. 7yr in top CPG, Tech and Internet: @hp @sabmiller @yuptalk-ru @kodskidki-ru. @university-of-california-berkeley MBA.

ID 259475

Kirill Chekanov

Founder & CEO Chill, Hippflow 18 year old entrepreneur. Started first business at 14

ID 124636

Maxim Ustinov

Founder @dasuppa-mobile-gaming-company • Worked at @stoik

ID 35735

Konstantin Popov

Founder @biart-company, @cappasity-inc

ID 73129

Vitaliy Akimov

CEO of @startuppoint. Russian startup community starter.

ID 463268

Gary A. Fowler

ID 188704

Stas Matviyenko

CEO - @advice-wallet, Geek, Startupper, Traveller

ID 1447

Miquel Ros

Founder, advisor at and Sustainability Strategic Advisors. Previously Flightglobal and Bloomberg. Msc LSE.

ID 639921

Dmitri Lukin

@kown-1 , Co-founder @Kin_mobile; enjoy each working day since May'14; love to test and implement new,crazy ideas; addicted to software and sports

ID 266665

Elena Prokopova

raise the conversion

ID 272825

Gulnaz Khusainova

CEO & Co-Founder at EasySize IT & marketing specialist with start up background. Founded EasySize, YouReserve and The Time Machine companies

ID 377693

Salvador Severich

CMO of @signaturit

ID 354611

David Roberts

American Marketing Consultant, Founder of The Other Side of the Tracks, Working primarily with innovative companies expanding themselves internationally.

ID 195621

Lyubov Simonova

Principal at Almaz Capital Partners joined Almaz Capital Partners as a Principal in November 2010 to head the firm’s Internet practice for Russia/CIS. Prior to joining Almaz she was head of strategy and business development at Finam Investment Company, ba

ID 96992

Viacheslav Semenchuk


Angel investor, Startup-Surgeon, Creator

ID 108796

Alexey Kulichevskiy

Founder @oh-my-stats • Worked at @groupon, @ostrovok

ID 342153


Degree in Journalism and Economics. Work experience at business newspaper and art research company. Working at Mileways since the idea was born in 2011.

ID 153518

Alex Pomazov

CEO and co-founder @alloka-1. Naturalborn Entrepreneur. Business Ninja.

ID 305783

Stilian Shishkov

CEO of Sportal Media Group, Strong sports marketing background

ID 309189

Andrey Khachaturov

Communications Director at @altergeo, @gvidi-1 In past: i-Jet Media; Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation; ENSO Law Firm.

ID 109724

Sergey Martynov

Head of Mail.Ru Email Service. Specialist in technology and online business. Advisor to a number of startups.

ID 302309

Atai Konushaliev

Founder @octobertech-1, @miki-1 . Serial tech entrepreneur, web developer. I want to make people's lives around the world much better using tech.

ID 167592

alexey shelaev

Worked at @microsoft, built Small and Medium Business' segment online strategy and unified product value prop. Strong content creation background.

ID 154283

Yakov Filippenko


CTO at @lingualeo. Hard skills in IT development and project management. Backgroud in IT (@yandex, @lingualeo). Math education.

ID 32244

Dimitrij Aleshkov


Entrepreneur with passion for projects! Husband, father, and owner of small IT companies. Lives in Helsingborg, plays chess and hangs out with friends.

ID 422068

Dmitry Gaiduk

Founder @cooltool-com • Worked at @umg-research-international, @comcon-ukraine • Studied at @national-technical-university-of-ukraine

ID 96978

Katerina Romanenko

Communications Manager at Dream Industries

ID 442871

Anna Znamenskaya

Digital Sales and Marketing executive. Co-Founded 3 startups from napkin to revenues. Strong business development skills.

ID 91947

Maili Porh

Founder Instabeauty , Instaflora • Worked at @tbwa-tequila • Studied at @estonian-business-school

ID 245964

Olga Egorsheva

Founder of Lobster • Worked at @dhl @dhl-globalmail, strategy & intrapreneurship• Studied MSc/MBA at @escp-eap, BSc Economics @lomonosov-moscow-state-university-1 University

ID 663162

Denis Alaev

Experienced Product Manager. Worked at Mail.Ru, AlterGeo.

ID 78682

Ilya Suleymanov

Big fan of neural networks. BCG alumnus. Love to experiment.

ID 395565

Ilya Krasinsky

Product Manager, Mentor. Worked at

ID 270565

Fred Nazary

Graduated top of the class in Finance @smu • Placed 1st Nationally #GSB2012 • Addicted to Analytics, Analysis, Finance, and Models (all types)!

ID 292001

Nikolay Samokhvalov

MIPT ( CS graduate, successful career from web developer to CEO/founder.

ID 412043

Alexander Kiryanov

Founder @bitclass • Marketing background (Publishing, Strategy Consulting) • Studied at @lomonosov-moscow-state-university

ID 170690

Anatoliy Komkov

Founder @hiconversion • Worked at @fast-lane-ventures • Studied at @moscow-state-university-of-economics-statistics-and-information-sciences

ID 118465

Sergey Moliavko

Founder of @dressup-ua and @mylabel.

ID 161537

Stepa Mitaki

Building digital products for public sector, helping cities use technology to better serve people. Previously in advertising.

ID 436895

Danil Perushev

Founder @, @theory-and-practice, @boldkit • Worked as COO at @dream-industries • Studied at @lomonosov-moscow-state-university-1

ID 349113

Alexandr Bakeev

Co-founder in Digital Socium (advertising agency); BD in;

ID 129323

Dmitry Linkov

Experienced Business Executive

ID 288414

Ivan Popov

London School of Economics and Political Sciences, Higher School of Economics student

ID 292124

Vitaliy Ponomarev

Founder&CEO @wayray - Cars' AR-navi with marketplace for mobile apps

ID 201201

Konstantin Andryushchenko

Co-found one the biggest publishing company in CIS; Experience in multimillion deals negotiations; Facebook Fellow; Strong business background; Clear mind.

ID 214906

Roman Ravve

Russian market ocused, kids digital media analyst, experienced inresearch and analytics, tween girls project founder (

ID 288992

Pavel Sukhov

Editor-in-chief of 4 Russian online business media, the latter -, subsidiary of Ft & WSJ >4M users monthly. PhD media studies Moscow State Uni 05.

ID 328142

Eugenia Muradyan

Founder HighFives! • Studied at @state-university-of-management

ID 205382

Anastasia Bashkeeva

Worked at @accenture, @glavstart • Studied at @state-university-higher-school-of-economics

ID 323065

Maria Dulepova

Moscow State University degree. Launched 2 websites, 1 of them - russian/german start-up (food delivery from restaurants). Highly experienced content manager.

ID 321484

Armen Karapetyan

ID 301676

Alexey Ermolaev

RSUH IR,business development ninja,hVe skills in hardware and software as well as in investments and programming.

ID 306438

Alex Kuznetsov

When I was student I have visit OPERA experimen in Italy. We found neutrinos oscillations. After universiry worked in oil and gaz company with geological data.

ID 305157

Yegor Ivantsov

Chief Marketing and Finance Officer in Cyber Gifts, founded, work as project manager in JCDecaux subsidiary, MSU Master in innovation management

ID 246618

Denis Bikchurin

Founder @takeitnow (shuttles run)

ID 206569

Maxim Uvarov

Cofounder @k50, @sem-in-russia-community • Worked at @wikimart-ru, @i-media-ru

ID 570838

Andrey Milokhin

Marketing Manager @ Mosclass. Worked @ RIA Novosti, @

ID 297827

Evelina Lavrova

I have wide experience in Marketing & Sales about 8 years. PM at @pay-me. I successfully launched (Kontakt East Holding AB) and prior to that I promoted @gettaxi-gett-in-usa in Moscow. BS Marketing. Looking for opportunities!

ID 211776

Rustam Mirzoev

intern @ Rizzoma

ID 477278

Irina Mishalov

Founder Developed EB5 Foreign Investor Consulting Firm. Hungry & Driven Entrepreneur. Business & Marketing Consultant • Studied at @depaul-university

ID 196393

Nikita Krasnov

CBO Made carier at Raiffeisenbank, Societe Generale. Studied in HS Pforzheim, University of Finance Ministry (Russia)

ID 415064

Olga Makarova

Founder Catch 22 • Worked at @unilever • Studied at @state-university-higher-school-of-economics

ID 570267

Daniyar Shekebayev

CDO of Bolshoi Gorod magazine; launched 2 successful mobile apps, comprehensive experience working in media

ID 413867

Mark Sozonov

Vice president @ NST ltd. (Moscow, RF), marketing manager @ Market Probe (London, UK), intern @toronto-dominion-bank , MBA Cranfield University

ID 543030


have no experience

ID 274736

Alexander Vinogradov

Co-founder @revenga • Digital creative & marketing expert • Worked at @ogilvy, @lumata

ID 196946

Rostyslav Ivanitsa

ID 437595

Andrey Novikov

CBDO at NaviRobot LLC. Commercialization, marketing and product management. Experience in web infotainment projects development. Master's degree (MPEI, Russia).

ID 242386

Eugenia Matveyeva

Co-Founder of MovieTrends.Net and

ID 600447

Yana Frolova

Worked at Microsoft, worked at SAP

ID 151949

Pavel Rebrov

Founder @netmind-social-media, @vidimax, @buzzware • Worked at @cisco-systems-deleted-deleted, @cti-communications-technology-innovations

ID 172660

Mark Gay

Russia’s first global TV news and online channel, RT. Cross-media consultant on news, video, content for every platform. Trainer, mentor and launch veteran.

ID 303082

Artem Zhiganov

Strategic planning director, Red Keds. Helped clients like Unilever, Panasonic and TNK to embrace useful communication, Lean, UX and other awesome stuff.

ID 499701

Andrey Pachay

Product developer

ID 626353

Arseniy Rastorguev

Communications professional with strong background in tech PR & social media

ID 359027

Дмитрий Васильев

Bussiness Developer located in Moskow

ID 346746

Artur Grishin

ID 432896

Gleb Mikulich

ID 302578


Experienced setting up and managing both venture backed and self funded startups.

ID 648216

Frederic Bogart

Business leader for creative internet media industry - Sales & Business Development

ID 277067

Zhirayr Ghazarosyan

Launched 2 successful projects

ID 644357

Tatiana Belikova

Digital Video Distribution and Marketing

ID 177998

Gleb Kuznetsov


ID 664023

Lyubim Colt

ID 425222

Galina Awake

Worked at IBM and Accenture; broad connections in Russia business world, can bring financial support

ID 380793

Nikita Filippov

Continuous product discovery

ID 165079

Евгений Уступкин

Informational Architect/Designer, Project Manager, Technical Director, Business Analyst. Journalism Degree (Far-Eastern State University, Vladivostok, Russian Federation )

ID 423124

Pavel Petrinich

Mobile User Acquisition (iOS & Google Play), Bachelor Degree in Marketing. Work at Game Insight

ID 206626

Alex Drozdovsky

ID 400829

Yury Marychev

ID 447252

Vladimir Kudryashov

An experienced project and product manager, PMP

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