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ID 109724

Sergey Martynov

Head of Mail.Ru Email Service. Specialist in technology and online business. Advisor to a number of startups.

ID 61537

Dmitriy Maslennikov

I'm a serial entrepreneur, digital technologies expert, an evangelist for cutting-edge Lean Startup & Customer Development methodologies, a start-up mentor and an independent business consultant.

ID 154734

Pavel Aleynikov

Founder, CSO at PENXY, Teacher at MIPT, PhD Physics

ID 144630

Leonid Shangin

Founder SailPlay • Worked at @mckinsey-company, @procter-gamble-2 • Studied at @lomonosov-moscow-state-university-1

ID 32244

Dimitrij Aleshkov


Entrepreneur with passion for projects! Husband, father, and owner of small IT companies. Lives in Helsingborg, plays chess and hangs out with friends.

ID 163382

Al Eisaian


Founder @integrien • Studied at @pepperdine-university, @oklahoma-state-university

ID 155962

Michael Demidov


Investor @kown-1, Principal @ftl, mentor @founder-institute St.Petersburg, ex-Russian Tech Journalist @CNews

ID 172912

Inessa Obenhuber


Inessa Obenhuber is an Angel Investor, partner at Seraph Group, an Ambassador for the Media Institute for Social Change at the USC Cinematic School.

ID 94007

Heissam Hartmann

Angel Investments ★ CEE & West EU Startup Consultant ★ New Market Development ★ Matchmaker ★ Enabler ★ Entertainment, Sports, Fashion Industry

ID 151424

Maria Adamian


Transitioning from one of the "F"s to Angel investor. Producer of TechCrunch Moscow and co-director of Founder Institute in Moscow.

ID 81116

Michael Geer

COO of Dream Industries - And a tech junkie/founder/advisor/mentor

ID 181799

Michael Kozloff

ID 91160

Sergey Toporov


Worked at @leta-capital • Investor @displair

ID 120291

Andrey Ustyugov


Founder @boostmate-2, @cofoundit • Investment Director at @imi-vc

ID 16619

Dmitry Dakhnovsky


Entrepreneur turned Consultant turned VC @StereoCapital. Founded, @rollapp-1. Ran bizdev Went to @singularity-university-1 and CMU

ID 270565

Fred Nazary

Graduated top of the class in Finance @smu • Placed 1st Nationally #GSB2012 • Addicted to Analytics, Analysis, Finance, and Models (all types)!

ID 161153

Mikhail Paulkin


Founder @minutta, @rutube

ID 86259

Ilya Oskolkov-Tsentsiper


VP at Russian 4G network @yota. Founder at @winter, London design consultancy. Founder at @strelka-institute in Moscow

ID 79834

Anton Skornyakov

Founder & Advisor @workhub, Lean Innovation Consultant

ID 500877

Leonid Batalov

Worked at @ball-park-production-house, @avantgarde-brand-services • Studied at @auckland-university-of-technology

ID 217974

Dmitriy Gudovskiy


ID 15728

Alexander Dmitrenko Marchenkoff


Founder @the7studios-spain • Investor @the7studios-spain • Studied at @russian-state-university-of-people-s-friendship

ID 197490

Irakly Kaveladze

Studied at @university-of-new-haven. Vice President at ZAO Crocus International.

ID 411922

Natalia Korovina

financier, investor

ID 363375

Vasily Gatov

Head of RIA Novosti MediaLab

ID 172329

Denis Kozminykh


Founder @2init-int • Investor @kvk-team

ID 473969

Popov Andrey

Founder @flats-houses, @bpautomations, @clockstock

ID 102157

Todd Nalven

Director at Chiron, affiliate of $100m fund. In Moscow since '95. Invest in and advise startups & growth. @cornell-university MBA & St Lawrence Univ.

ID 110407

Nikolay Antonov

Industry Manager at @google

ID 477278

Irina Mishalov

Founder Developed EB5 Foreign Investor Consulting Firm. Hungry & Driven Entrepreneur. Business & Marketing Consultant • Studied at @depaul-university

ID 411927

Sergey Averin, Ph.D.

entrepreneur, investor, educator

ID 171504

Bas Grasmayer

Worked at @dream-industries, @official-fm-3

ID 409979

Ruslan Almakaev

Entrepreneur, investor with substantial executive management experience

ID 132900

Levy Raiz


Business development at ARMiS, entrepreneur. Master's in Business. Israeli Government Fellow. Worked at Israeli Ministry of Trade and Industry, IDF

ID 315984

Anton Nefedov

Founder/CEO Afterlogic Corp.,

ID 97244

Ivan Indamix

Startup Co-founder, Front End Engineer, Open-source Contributor

ID 421922

Vladimir Andreychuk

entrepreneur, investor, advisor

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