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ID 302309

Atai Konushaliev

Founder @octobertech-1, @miki-1 . Serial tech entrepreneur, web developer. I want to make people's lives around the world much better using tech.

ID 305783

Stilian Shishkov

CEO of Sportal Media Group, Strong sports marketing background

ID 238164

Rico zu Knyphausen

Founder @elastic-io • Worked at @dhl, @dr-heuser-ag • Studied at @university-of-passau, @university-st-gallen

ID 266665

Elena Prokopova

raise the conversion

ID 35735

Konstantin Popov

Founder @biart-company, @cappasity-inc

ID 7612

Ilya Osadchiy

Information Security Professional and Fulbright Scholar. Experience in InfoSec Sales and Marketing

ID 367900

Darya Trushkina

Passionate professional with deep knowledge of global mobile industry and significant record of closed deals worldwide. Original team member at Game Insight.

ID 245964

Olga Egorsheva

Founder of Lobster • Worked at @dhl @dhl-globalmail, strategy & intrapreneurship• Studied MSc/MBA at @escp-eap, BSc Economics @lomonosov-moscow-state-university-1 University

ID 378448

Alexandra Osipova

Founder Be healthy, Directer of business development at Irony Production

ID 399561

Ilya Veller

Worked at RenCap and VTB, can sell anything to anyone

ID 73129

Vitaliy Akimov

CEO of @startuppoint. Russian startup community starter.

ID 80073

Arkadiy Meshkovskiy

CEO&Founder at @rentmania • Strong background in sales&marketing and BD. Worked at @hearst-corporation, @startuppoint @starta-capital

ID 124636

Maxim Ustinov

Founder @dasuppa-mobile-gaming-company • Worked at @stoik

ID 395565

Ilya Krasinsky

Product Manager, Mentor. Worked at

ID 109724

Sergey Martynov

Head of Mail.Ru Email Service. Specialist in technology and online business. Advisor to a number of startups.

ID 442871

Anna Znamenskaya

Digital Sales and Marketing executive. Co-Founded 3 startups from napkin to revenues. Strong business development skills.

ID 465676

Pavel Tsarevskiy

Cambridge MBA, professional manager with significant experience in business and technology

ID 211720

Nate Gadgibalaev

CEO of @amplifr, the productivity suite for musicians, business development geek at @evil-martians, Rails shop in Moscow, Russia.

ID 153518

Alex Pomazov

CEO and co-founder @alloka-1. Naturalborn Entrepreneur. Business Ninja.

ID 417803

Anna Bokshitskaya

Money doesn't grow on trees.

ID 96992

Viacheslav Semenchuk


Angel investor, Startup-Surgeon, Creator

ID 306438

Alex Kuznetsov

When I was student I have visit OPERA experimen in Italy. We found neutrinos oscillations. After universiry worked in oil and gaz company with geological data.

ID 402435

Sergio Ivanoff

ID 300961

Nikita Yampolski

Co-founder at unadox and New Clear Radio. Posesses decades of technical experience in international IT, Software, Telecom, Internet and Sales assignments.

ID 648216

Frederic Bogart

Business leader for creative internet media industry - Sales & Business Development

ID 341892

Maria Pershko

World's leading platform for those who wants to set up GLOBAL sales. Please check it up ;)

ID 477278

Irina Mishalov

Founder Developed EB5 Foreign Investor Consulting Firm. Hungry & Driven Entrepreneur. Business & Marketing Consultant • Studied at @depaul-university

ID 151949

Pavel Rebrov

Founder @netmind-social-media, @vidimax, @buzzware • Worked at @cisco-systems-deleted-deleted, @cti-communications-technology-innovations

ID 555647

Oleksiy Soba Torres

Founder Speak2Me., @touchme-media-service • Worked at @mail-ru-group, @lactalis • Studied at @simferopol-state-university

ID 193207

Dmitriy Pustovalov

Founder at @mycitycar, Worked at @microsoft, @superdeal-ua • Studied at @state-university-of-new-york-system, @budapesti-corvinus-egyetem

ID 259516

Vladimir Lulin

Sales manager (B2B, business soft). Аccounting and managerial accounting database programmer.

ID 666508

Anton Degtyarev

Professional in IP network operations and development; software engineer; experience in sales/pre-sales

ID 432896

Gleb Mikulich

ID 99538

Leonid Eliseev


ID 415069


Founder Pupakiotti

ID 297827

Evelina Lavrova

I have wide experience in Marketing & Sales about 8 years. PM at @pay-me. I successfully launched (Kontakt East Holding AB) and prior to that I promoted @gettaxi-gett-in-usa in Moscow. BS Marketing. Looking for opportunities!

ID 215658

Kirill Maximov

PhD Economics (internal controls), Strong business background (group CFO, export sales executive, director chemicals procurement). Leader of complex initiatives

ID 644207

Denis Aristov

Key account/ business development manager being operated approx. 4 years at international e-commerce market with proven track of records/ client's portfolio.

ID 288535

Антон Довбня


ID 288414

Ivan Popov

London School of Economics and Political Sciences, Higher School of Economics student

ID 608567

Marina Kovaleva

ID 644357

Tatiana Belikova

Digital Video Distribution and Marketing

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