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ID 112955

Paul Proshin

Designer at amoCRM

ID 292001

Nikolay Samokhvalov

MIPT ( CS graduate, successful career from web developer to CEO/founder.

ID 105069

james eric jones

art director, graphic designer. magazines, custom publications, identity work. polyvalent.

ID 33843

Ivan Tolmachev

Interaction designer. BSc in Multimedia from DCU, Dublin, Ireland. Originally from Moscow, Russia, currently living in Barcelona.

ID 212988

Ivan Cherepukhin

CEO of Wonderwork. Founder of @round-2 and Manner & Matter label. Worked at Saatchi & Saatchi, RZLTT and Windfall Systems.

ID 127617

Marat Dyatko

Devigner or Deseloper. Worked at @nokia, @ostrovok, @yandex, @livejournal, Qiwi.

ID 248446

Alex Kulakov

Co-founded Worked as UI designer at CFT, Usethics.

ID 517266

Igor Mikhnenko

Founder HelpMeNow, @gero • Worked at @yota as Creative Director

ID 223488

Alisa Tribuleva

Founder, artist, developer, an IxD soul, building better UX for e-commerce and small business.

ID 61533

Richard Francis

Motivated and entrepreneurial, always looking for new ideas; Strong technical background and managerial experience; Worked at MySpace and

ID 44438

Ivan Annikov

Product designer with entrepreneurial spirit, proven leadership abilities and thorough understanding of marketing fundamentals.

ID 6314

Vladislav Korobov

Founder @live-graffiti, @live-typing which create mobile and social applications (it consulting)

ID 25931

Alexander Polynov

Founded @wobot (first social media monitoring tool in Russia); winner, Facebook World Hack 2012

ID 128362

Polina Flegontovna

Designer, Illustrator, Photographer.

ID 570083

Alexander Protikhin

UI/UX designer. Over 30 apps for mobile devices and smartTV. Worked for Samsung, Sony, Cisco. Combination of great graphic skills with deep knowledge of theory.

ID 332174

Anton Herasymenko

Founder, CEO & Designer at @readymag. Previously founded a design studio SILA and worked as a lead designer at Art.Lebedev Studio.

ID 160241

Alexander Kirov

Mobile UI/UX/IxD Designer at Mail.Ru (top 4 email service worldwide). An expert in mobile apps/web, digital media and interfaces.

ID 454793

Mike Farlenkov

Founder @bizcontacts-net, @connections

ID 246537

Evgeny Seleznev

Product designer

ID 317955

Vladimir V. Tuporshin

Founder @Shop-Script, Co-founder @webasyst, founder @PocketLists, Founder @1312, Founder @yesterdayme. Designer, developer, system architect, PhD.

ID 696423

Maxim Melnikov

Lead designer at Semibold Mammoth and @pitched

ID 298062

Alexey Sekachov

Product designer

ID 267489

Svetlana Mikhaylovskaya

Print design experience (magazines, books), UX/UI design experience, prototyping, HTML/CSS.

ID 364267

Olga Morozova

Designer at @yolto-inc; worked at BBDO Interactive

ID 518029

Albert Patrashku

Moscow based conceptual and visual designer for mobile, web and desktop.

ID 377111

Sergey Skip

Interaction & Graphic Designer

ID 188052

Lisa Oreshkina

Founder of Channelkit, IZTP and Designthe.INFO. Also founder and information designer at Infodesk. Information architect of Masterskaya post-grad design course.

ID 315559

Alexander Mescheryakov

Product Designer at Brandymint, Front-End Engineer. Launched several iOS, Android and PhoneGap apps. Studied at @mipt

ID 551646

Jelle Akkerman

Worked at @3plet, @dream-industries

ID 197150

Darya Suhorukova

Art and creative director Studied at Master of Arts in Creative directions in Hochschule Pforzheim

ID 306947

Vsevolod Rymar

UX / UI / PM

ID 538950

Peter Leonov

Hardcore JavaScript developer. Experienced Ruby developer. Fanatic Perl developer, in past. Ready to invest in visa for an interesting project.

ID 274736

Alexander Vinogradov

Co-founder @revenga • Digital creative & marketing expert • Worked at @ogilvy, @lumata

ID 94417

Georgy Oleynik

Me is da best

ID 124939

Alexei Keda

UIX designer at @yandex

ID 91948

Dmitry Kurkin

Creative director and co-founder of @sigma-ukraine; 13 years of experience in web design and internet software development, usability for web and mobile.

ID 101333

Alexey Sheremetyev

Founded, UI/UX and web design 10+ years

ID 510812

Maxim Yerohov

UI/UX designer; Worked at Yandex;

ID 594526

Vasily Dubinin

MA in management. Self-taught developer.

ID 467820

Maria Guryanova


ID 537241

Artem Troinoi

I work with 3 startups in Russia, Ukraine and USA, i launched 3 startups. Now work at

ID 305154

Ariil Davidov

ID 360085

Eugen Dolgov

Worked at @mail-ru-group

ID 326799

Eugene Zvedenyuk

The most famous Russian on Instagram

ID 397670

Denis Sharypin

Digital Native UI Designer

ID 489895

Sergey Lakotko

UX and Visual designer with more than 10 years of professional expirieence.

ID 353999

Ivan Pisklyukov

Founder of Archibase Planet, Founder and Developer of Ritmxoid Biorhythm Tool

ID 444788

Nikita Crezter

Web designer. Working at Mail.Ru

ID 415963

Vsevolod Seregin

PhD student at MGSU-MISI; chief engineer of MonArch; 4 years freelance front-end developer;

ID 441189

Alexandr Korovin

Worked at @yandex, @rambler • Studied at @the-british-higher-school-of-art-and-design-art-direction

ID 380572

Alexander Tsibulski

UX Designer. Founder of Hardheaded

ID 619710

Maxim Drachyov

Designer and front-end developer

ID 398257

Alexander Krot


Worked at @askdroid

ID 656042

Dmitry Belkin

Professional web-designer. BA student at BHSAD Moscow.

ID 478048

Konstantin Lapigin

Working in TBWA\Moscow, realized couple successful iPad and Android advert and apps. Bold advertising portfolio. Strong Art Direction and Digital background.

ID 653818

Slava Kim

Self-employed Product designer from Moscow, Russia.

ID 676916

Dmitry Losev

Founder and developer Compass. Worked at Imagine Investment Company, Absolute Investment Group, HSG Zander GmbH, Blackwood Real Estate.

ID 165079

Евгений Уступкин

Informational Architect/Designer, Project Manager, Technical Director, Business Analyst. Journalism Degree (Far-Eastern State University, Vladivostok, Russian Federation )

ID 95276

Andrey Bogomazov

User Interface Designer / Art Director Zingl

ID 177998

Gleb Kuznetsov


ID 85994

Denis Rakitov

Sound engineering on Russia Today channel Independent film director

ID 664023

Lyubim Colt

ID 81296


I'm great developer and super designer.

ID 167706

Valeria Kelie

ID 133030

Andrey Bourdelle


ID 274483

Ivan Lakshinsky

ID 71099

Alex Random

Founder of @wobot.

ID 276470

Alexey Novikov

User interaction and experience scientist.

ID 664287

Anna Efremova

ID 90961


Design, creative, Life Style & Social Media guide

ID 68395

Andrey Torchinsky

Game developer.

ID 206626

Alex Drozdovsky

ID 302578


Experienced setting up and managing both venture backed and self funded startups.

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